Blog 12: Closing Time One Last Call for Alcoh….**Advice

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I always feel a little weird giving advice because I’m usually like why should I know better than anyone else about something? But, if there’s anything I’ve learned throughout the course of this class, it’s that you’re capable of so much, and you know more than you think you do. We’re always the hardest on ourselves, but you won’t know or realize how capable you are at first. That’s what this class will do for you. It will force you to come to terms with your capabilities, recognize them, accept them, and ultimately, push boundaries once you begin to understand them. Once you realize you’re not actually a completely inept and incapable human being, both in terms of your writing and life in general, you’ll feel more comfortable branching out to try different forms of composition. Your projects will rock, you’ll surprise yourself, and it will feel bizarre actually wanting to put so much effort into school work, not even for the grade, but for the sheer idea of being able to take pride in something you’ve created. Effort into school work for quality rather than the letter grade itself, WHAT IS GOING ON? DO YOU EVEN GO TO THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN?

So, if there’s any piece of advice I can give to you, my young and newly declared Sweetland writing minor sweethearts, it’s to let yourselves come to these realizations and to have faith in your capabilities. I don’t care if you’re an English major who has always dreamt of writing like Shakespeare, or if you you’re in Ross and you thought this minor would be a “valuable skill that would make you a great asset to company,” you’re here because you want to be here, you deserve to be here, and I swear you’re capable writers, that’s why you’re in this minor. You might not realize how capable you are of producing video or audio or photography, and right now you might not even realize that all of these things do, in fact, constitute as writing? <—- NOTE: (this question is still up for debate, and will not be fully answered, but you’ll come up with your own interpretation/solution, and you’ll rock on with your bad-self from there.) But, once you dabble in these various forms, you’ll realize you can do it- even if you can’t do it that well. This class will ignite your passions, spark your fires, and inspire you in all different ways. It’ll show you your capabilities, and it will force you to confront what you think are your incapabilities, no matter how much they scare you. Yes, I’m fully aware of how cheesy and preachy this all sounds. Isn’t this is just a class after all? But, I can’t help it. It might be just a class, but it’s a class that has done more for me than I could have ever imagined, and it will do all this for you too. You just have to trust that it will.

Happy Heart Week.

I love the heart of Valentine’s Day. Maybe it’s the candy hearts telling you you’re magic, or celebrating all the best shades of pink, or your mom leaving sweets, new socks, and a stuff giraffe on the kitchen counter next to your powdered sugar-dusted blueberry pancakes in the morning, or you and your best friends making a public spectacle of just how single you all are and just how awesome you still think you are.

I love that there’s no love filter. I love that it’s socially acceptable — God forbid encouraged — to say how you feel. To tell people that they’ve touched your life. To be real in relationships, as real as we should be every day.

The human race needs to get over the notion that things are bigger than us and that our moments aren’t powerful enough to be acknowledged by lovers and strangers alike. We’ve just got to get past it. We don’t have a world of 6 billion that’s only changed by the lucky ones; we have 6 billion understandings of a world. If we can love just one, value even one, we change the whole thing. Let February 14 be the day. Eat the smooch-shaped sugar cookie, take one bite out of every single chocolate in the box, and make sure someone knows they are magic to you.

(And, of course, Disney does it again — “Blank: A Vinylmation Love Story.”)