{Looking [inside] from the Outside}

You all know that feeling. When you’ve been working on a project or a paper alone for a long time and you’ve edited it and re-edited it and you think you’re done. Then you have a peer review or go to get some feedback. Suddenly, you realize there are a lot more issues there than you previously thought. I’m not bashing the feedback, by an means. It’s a lifesaver, in fact. I’m just really fascinated by how right it is when I finally take a step back, put myself on the outside. It’s so easy to get so wrapped up inside your own head when you’re working on writing pieces, especially I feel.

This was the case for my re-mediation project. I think I had just been working on it so long with the re-purposing paper and this project that I forgot to explain things or make logical transitions because it made sense in my head. It’s funny, really, how you lose your sense of reality or the ability to put yourself in other people’s minds when you get really wrapped up in a project. I’m definitely grateful for the feedback because they are easy fixes. Sometimes, I just need somebody to hit me over the head with the obvious. Which obviously reminds me of this scene in the Lion King.

The Lion King!

Off-topic, but 3 things from that link:

1. Rafiki is a boss.

2. I wish I could laugh like Rafiki.

3. I really wish it was socially acceptable to whack people on the head with a walking stick to knock some sense into them.