Attn RAYRAY’s Capstone Students

If you’re having any difficulty figuring out the scope of your project or what potential difficulties you may entail in the near future (i’m assuming you, like me, are just really getting started producing actual content for the project), I’d highly recommend completing the Author Self Interview.  Ray’s guiding questions help uncover some of the underlying motivations of why you’re interested in the particular topic/subject of the project and subsequently help reveal what kind of potential issues may be looming.  Doesn’t hurt that its worth 30 points either!

For those of you who are producing more scientific or strictly structured work, this may help serve as a jumping off point for explaining reasons and justifications for your analysis and the form you are writing it (for those people who are producing “reports” and want to have a more colloquial introduction into your analysis).


Good luck nerds.

Ummm, about these micro-assignments…#RayRay

I’m going to come out and state the obvious…I’m writing this blog post as a way to get points. There, I said it.

I’m putting that out there because I have spent the past day doing everything I can to rack up some points before we head for spring break. I did, by my count, four micro-assignments to snag some points, with the intention to do a couple more tomorrow.

My intention is not to make you feel bad that you aren’t doing this either; rather, I want to say that I AM STILL SO STRESSED OUT ABOUT THE POINTS WE NEED FOR THIS CLASS. I literally spent hours today doing these assignments for, what, maybe 100 points? For 1/20th of the grade I need to earn an A?

I know the goal of this class, and the Minor, is to not worry about grades as much and focus more on the writing process, on stimulating yourself as a writer and thinker, on engaging in different forms of media, but I can’t help it. I have academic goals (GPA, graduation honors, etc) that I don’t want to miss out on by not completing these micro-assignments that are staring me in the face. Yet I feel like I am ignoring the more important things for the class–the Evolution Essay, building out my portfolio, the Capstone Project–to focus on gaining points with micro-assignments that aren’t always applicable to my project. I’m trying to strike the correct balance between the two, but it just seems like I wasted a day that could have been spent perfecting my Evolution Essay or even getting a head start on my project.  And, with just about a month left after spring break and before everything is due, I am feeling increasingly panicked about not getting the # of points I need for an A. I want an A in the class AND to produce outstanding work, but I’m really struggling to make it work.

I know we talked about it in class, but is anybody else feeling this way? Any suggestions on how to make me feel better about myself?