Technologically Challenged

For my project III, I am not quite sure what I am going to create yet. My project II consisted of an issue for a digital magazine on campus called SHIFT based on the Slow Fashion Movement, so one idea I had was to promote this movement through a series of advertisements. I also thought it could be interesting to create some sort of video, whether it is a “commercial” type video for Slow Fashion, or a video that includes footage from the students that I interviewed based on the “What’s in my closet?” youtube clips. I thought I could record the students answering some of the questions that I asked them and actually showing certain items that are in their closets in order to convince the audience to want to change their current ways of consumption. However, I have also come across several intense photographs that display how fast fashion is harming both workers and our environment that I believe could be extremely effective in making others realize the importance of this movement. I am thinking about using these photos in combination with a voiceover to promote Slow Fashion. The only thing that is causing me to rethink these ideas is that I am technologically challenged when it comes to making movies!

Project III Introduction

For those of you who unfamiliar with my Project II, I chose to remediate my “Why I Write” piece and researched why other people write and even read. This translated into a search for what other types of mediums people use to convey their own life. While the mediums were different, from writing to making music to even social media posts, one thing remained constant: the goal of inspiration and creating emotions in others. Each of the people I interviewed had seemed to find their own voice in the medium that inspired them the most, and were trying to share their feelings with the world through it.

As for project III, I have chosen to record my interviews with these three individuals and compile a formal and informative podcast. While the “raw data” is already there: the interviews. I still have a lot more work in researching traditional podcasts and allowing mine to fit their form. In addition, a great idea was proposed in my group meeting of creating a site to host my podcast. This site will feature an “about me” page and also a brief page that will explain the intent and purpose of my podcast. allowing the potential listeners to be more informed before beginning to listen.

I am very excited to begin my research and creation of the new page, and looking forward to sharing it with you all.

Project III…Help!

Project III- remediating I have chosen to remediate my prject II, which was the last unofficial copy of Jet Magazine, into a video. I want to show the world we live in from different perspectives ranging from light to dark skinned. I will include a video interview with myself as the narrator.  I want to go into places like the drug store and look or color palattes and see what it is like to try someone elses skin tone on for size. Then I want to have a portion where I go home and make up half of my face with makeup that is not consistent with my skin tone. Next I want to go into the interview portion of the video. After I have shown at least 5 different view points I will then switch to myself again and speak about all the information I have been able to gather. I need to get: -camera from ISS -interviewees -storyboard finished -editing practice   I am also thinking about the e-portfolio slightly. I want to find my connective tissues. About me- I want to obviously reveal my demographics (age, gender, race, major, hometown ,etc…) Then I was to have a picture of me as a dancer, fashionista, and then just a normal picture. This will help to show the different interests I have. I also want to talk about the way my life as a dancer connects to being the token identity in the room and then how that has informed my decision to write about being brown.  I kind of want to create a timeline to show my journey of accepting and realizing and finally appreciating my brown skin and my accomplishments about rasing awareness about colorism and empowering others to do the same! 2012- trip to italy and realizing brown -college essay 2013-Michigan and realizing that I am the token identity in many of my classes and one of few in my department 2014- PBG Maybe this timeline can translate differently in my eportfolio but I want to show some sort of journey and then my connective tissue will be the idea that each event inspires the next and the next until finally there is a girl proud to be Brown and wants others to be proud of who they are! More later on both of these projects.