Blind Pig

So absolutely nothing related to the minor/any and all upcoming work (of which there is a ton).  Last night a few friends and I saw a show at the Blind Pig, which was awesome.

The headlining group was called RAC, and they primarily perform/compose “dancey”-pop remixes of popular alternative music.  For example, they have remixed Two Door Cinema Club, Phoenix, Tokyo Police Club, Foster the People, and more. They also have recently started making their own original music.  Aside from plugging this group that I like, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at the Blind Pig.  The venue was fairly small and was a good hike from the diag, but it was well worth it (I took cabs both ways but it would have been a good hike).  The crowd was packed in, but it wasn’t I didn’t feel particularly cramped or like I was constantly being shoved which is a huge drawback of some other smaller venues.  Downstairs there was a pretty cool bar, and some booths for some people to hang around in prior to the show or in between acts.  More importantly, there were a bunch of dart boards for you danger-addicts.  I would definitely recommend you bite the bullet and see a show there before you graduate if you have not.  The tickets typically are pretty cheap; $15-20.

I’ll certainly be back if I have the chance.

P.S. There was free popcorn which was dank