{Looking [inside] from the Outside}

You all know that feeling. When you’ve been working on a project or a paper alone for a long time and you’ve edited it and re-edited it and you think you’re done. Then you have a peer review or go to get some feedback. Suddenly, you realize there are a lot more issues there than you previously thought. I’m not bashing the feedback, by an means. It’s a lifesaver, in fact. I’m just really fascinated by how right it is when I finally take a step back, put myself on the outside. It’s so easy to get so wrapped up inside your own head when you’re working on writing pieces, especially I feel.

This was the case for my re-mediation project. I think I had just been working on it so long with the re-purposing paper and this project that I forgot to explain things or make logical transitions because it made sense in my head. It’s funny, really, how you lose your sense of reality or the ability to put yourself in other people’s minds when you get really wrapped up in a project. I’m definitely grateful for the feedback because they are easy fixes. Sometimes, I just need somebody to hit me over the head with the obvious. Which obviously reminds me of this scene in the Lion King.

The Lion King!

Off-topic, but 3 things from that link:

1. Rafiki is a boss.

2. I wish I could laugh like Rafiki.

3. I really wish it was socially acceptable to whack people on the head with a walking stick to knock some sense into them.

Storyboard Success

I originally had the grand idea of making my storyboard like a pitch for a new magazine photoshoot, then I realized this would take a lot of time and effort (something I do not currently have with an 18 credit schedule). Then I decided to make a poster and divide it into four different “scenes” (one for each section of my website). This turned into a fail too. I realized that using my laptop and all of the wonderful technologies would be the best way to go, so I started designing a mock website homepage and had a ton of fun experimenting with colors, fonts, layout, and design. Then I added in reflective comments to justify my choices and explain my purpose. After creating my storyboard, I decided to steer away from Glamour and produce my own website. Why should I stick to their theme when I have my own wonderful ideas? My current challenge is choosing the proper platform–I would LOVE if I could actually develop a usable site. Any advice would be much appreciated!

Online News Community/Public Forum


When I first started brainstorming for the re-mediation assignment, I had way too many ideas. I guess this is better than having no ideas at all, but still it was hard to figure out what direction to go with this project. I wanted to create an interactive article for the Glamour website, an actual blog, a new website or a public forum. Eventually I decided to create an online news community/public forum to combine all of my original ideas into one. I think this will be the best way for me to re-mediate my original argument about blogs and new media being a net gain for society. As of right now I’m thinking of using Wix to execute this project because I recently used it to create another website and think it will allow me to include all of the necessary elements in my online news community/public forum. The only problem I ran into with Wix was its tendency to freeze. This made the whole website creation process slow and somewhat annoying. I definitely do not want to run into these same problems again! I would love it if you guys had any suggestions on better platforms to use for my online news community/public forum. Here are some examples of online forums I may use as inspiration: The Women’s Nest, In The Powder Room, PepsiCo Women’s Inspiration Network, and GoGirl Finance.

I’d like your feedback on my proposal:

I plan to develop an online news community/public forum (essentially an interactive website) for Glamour readers.  This will be a public forum that allows real women to communicate with one another and share the news. My ideal audience is all Glamour readers regardless of their current level of political involvement.  I want my audience to join “the conversation called blogging” and be completely engaged in this online community. I plan to bridge the gap between hard news and soft news by providing an outlet for discussion of issues, ranging from rantings about political candidates to advice about where to buy the most comfortable high heels. This online news community/public forum will be a part of the Glamour website and build upon their Glamocracy blog section which contains political articles written in personal/opinion-based tones. My reason for choosing to create an online news community/public forum is that it will represent the argument addressed in my essay about new media being a net gain for society. This public forum will allow readers to participate in the creation of news. I think it is a great extension of my previous essay and has real world applicability and functionality. My plan for the story board assignment is to pretend like I’m pitching this project to Glamour executives, again something that I would potentially be doing in my future career. I want to connect this project to my print article by including a scan-able bar code in the print version that directs readers to the online news community. This way, all versions of my essay will come together as a whole.  I’d like to model the “I am that Girl” website because it is easy to navigate, has visually appeal, and contains well-organized relevant information in the form of images, videos and text. As you may notice, the site has been revamped since my initial blog post, but I think I actually like it better now which is why I plan to use it for inspiration when re-mediating my argument. 

What do you think?