Technology Challenge: Exploring

I really enjoyed my experience on From my perspective, tutorial videos have always been an interesting and fun way of learning. As a Communications Studies major, my coursework often requires I watch “TedTalks,” or videos that consist of a researcher or knowledgeable person giving an informed speech on a particular topic to an actual audience. The tutorials I watched on reminded me of my experiences watching these “TedTalks,” in terms of the interactivity, images, charts, and voiceovers included in them. One thing I particularly liked about was how it was broken up into different video categories, including Business, 3D, Design, Photography, etc. This made the website easy to surf through and figure out, being that it was my first time on it. Additionally, each tutorial was broken up into sections, almost like chapters. The video would start out with an introductory clip/voiceover, and transition into its subsequent sections.

One particular tutorial that struck me was called “Photoshop Color Correction: Dark Color Cast” with Taz Tally. Photoshop is a technological application that I have always been interested in learning how to use. In fact, there have been times in my life where I wished I knew how to use it, for project or other academic purposes. That being said, this tutorial taught me more information in a short period of time than I ever thought I could learn from an online video. Particularly, the video featured a behind-the-scenes user navigating and working on Photoshop. You can see the mouse controlling different features of the program, such as shifting and creating color schemes through histograms, contrast and brightness buttons, and color tone removal scales. Personally, I am a visual person, and this was an easy way for me to learn about a very complicated program.

Another tutorial that stuck out to me was called “Google+ For Musicians and Bands” with Bobby Owsinski. This video was of particular interest to me because I love listening to and sharing music with others- it is a hobby of mine. The video outlines the ways in which Google+ is the “rising kid on the block” in terms of a social platform for up and coming musicians. It acts as a brief marketing tutorial for those who wish to grow their fan base online and connect with other musicians. Although I am in no way, shape, or form a skilled or talented musician, let alone part of a band, I do use the Internet for musical purposes. I am an avid user of various websites that connect me with those who listen to similar music to me. In the same way, I felt this tutorial gave me great insight into a Google platform that connects music-lovers across the world. It included images, brief, visual outlines, and a model, interactive computer screen that enabled me to learn about Google+ from the perspective of the music industry.