Tweetable Moments.

Why is it that we, the 2014 version of the human race, feel the need to document our day’s moments in 140 characters or less? Why is the light blue app with little bird the first place our touch screen-trained fingers go? Is the moment less of a moment if we let it pass by, as almost all moments do, without digital evidence of its happenings?

These are just questions, and I don’t really want answers. I just want to send these cosmic questions out into the void. So goodnight, dear void. 

Writing for Alison.

Writing’s a funny thing. It’s expression and insight and emotion and fulfillment and hurt and LIFE. Through the course of writing for this class — of exposing the root of purpose behind language — I am able to articulate my thoughts and feelings more effectively in everyday conversation. You want to talk meta? Let’s talk meta. You want to know my opinion? I’ll give you my opinion with substantive reasoning and support. You want to say that a tweet isn’t an argument put forth by the tweet-er? Lies, I’ll show you.

The blog prompt for this upcoming week comes with perfect personal timing: “Post about something writing-related on your mind.”  Alison is on my mind. It’s been ten years since we lost her, but she gave us 16 years of beautiful memories. The 20th of October is always a hard day. This year, a decade later, I tweeted about Al. I read the many Facebook posts by friends and family members about her kind heart. I liked the photo on her Mom’s wall.

We’re changing and evolving, but the dialogue continues. Writing adapts and transforms with us. Writing helps us remember.

My life has been blessed by YOU my little freind,

Your faith and understanding, never seeming to bend.

Your years in numbers are that of a teen, 

Your reliance on God, far deeper than I’ve ever seen.

Your courage astounding, an example to us all,

For whatever God’s ask, you’ve answered His call.

Your strength a reminder of what God can provide,

By your willingness to share, and not run and hide.

You’ve reminded us all that this, a temporary place,

Is just a glimpse of God’s amazing grace.

Through prayer and petition, you’ve done your part,

Sharing with friends, weighing heavy on your heart.

You’ve fought the battle, a brave little soul,

Never doubting at all, your Heavenly goal.

My hero and inspiration, a priceless gift from above,

Your heart overflowing, with His power and love.

Our freindship unique, between young and old,

And secrets forever, never again to be told.

You’ve etched in my mind, your beautiful smile,

Completing my days, making them more worthwhile.

Thank you dear friend, for the joy you’ve given me,

A special place in my heart, forever you’ll be.