So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye

As my final chapter in the Sweetland Minor in Writing comes to an end, I wanted to introduce to you all what has been one of the most exciting projects I have ever had the opportunity to work on: Ad Evolution.

About the Site –

“Coming into this semester, I envisioned a sociohistorical analysis based project on advertising and with countless hours of research and help from professionals in the industry, I had the opportunity to follow that vision all the way through. Particularly, I wanted to understand the changes that advertising has undergone over the years. By analyzing a series of advertisements that were released over the years, I began to notice a pattern. The advertisements were not just staying the same, but they were instead evolving to correspond with the changing technology. With each new decade came bigger and better advertisements that responded to culture of the time. From the newspaper advertisements, to the Internet advertisements and everything in between, it was incredible to see how the course of history changed since advertising first began. I began to think of the industry as some sort of advertising evolution.

Ad Evolution was designed with these thoughts in mind. I had intended to both introduce audiences unfamiliar with advertising to the industry and to build upon the knowledge of those who already have experience with it. By combining two central ideas, the history of advertising and the creation of advertisements, I hoped that Ad Evolution would mimic the advertising website AdWeek, which more broadly touches on similar themes. I bounced ideas around that I found from navigating other popular sites like Ad Age and BusinessInsider, which helped me ground much of the information I present through the site. It is through this multimedia project that my questions were answered. Advertising is complex and is an industry that will constantly be evolving to respond to human behavior. Hopefully your questions will be answered through Ad Evolution too.”

The Sweetland Minor in Writing has truly been one of the most rewarding experiences that the University of Michigan has offered me. If you have any questions regarding the Capstone Course, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Remediation Ruminations

I’m not sure how I’ll remediate my current project, but I’ve narrowed down my options to just two. My first choice is to create a video, or highlight reel, of some split-second decisions in sports. I could incorporate some of the wording from my repurposing project into slides for the video and start with Chris Webber calling the timeout, much like how I started my repurposing project.

Creating a video would be a great challenge for me because I’ve never done so before. Over the summer, I interned in the corporate communications department of Blue Cross Blue Shield, so I was able to watch some co-workers create videos. I did NOT realize how complex creating a three-minute video could be. After seeing others create videos, I got the itch to create one as well. I think it would be fun to learn how to use a video editing application and I can see how it could come in handy.

Challenge Accepted

On that note, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to create a video due to copyright laws and what not, but I’ll definitely try. For my model, I’m considering to work off of ESPN Top-10 style. The only reason I don’t like this model is because it doesn’t incorporate any language. That was a problem I ran into quite often when searching for models. I will continue to search.

My second idea is create a podcast. I like to practice speaking because if I pursue the career I’m planning on, presentation skills are highly important. I’ve also never created a podcast. I think I could create a three-part series, with each podcast focusing on a specific example of a decision in sports. I would talk through what I thought happened and incorporate psychological perspectives. I like this idea because I can talk through my ideas, but I still like the idea of a video because it’s so visual.

There are a quite a few podcasts I could model  my project off, like basically any of these top-ranking sports podcasts. I don’t want to model my podcast off a specific podcast because each podcast has its own style. Some are funny, some are serious, and I’m not sure what I want just yet.

Justin Bieber shrug

Project III…Help!

Project III- remediating I have chosen to remediate my prject II, which was the last unofficial copy of Jet Magazine, into a video. I want to show the world we live in from different perspectives ranging from light to dark skinned. I will include a video interview with myself as the narrator.  I want to go into places like the drug store and look or color palattes and see what it is like to try someone elses skin tone on for size. Then I want to have a portion where I go home and make up half of my face with makeup that is not consistent with my skin tone. Next I want to go into the interview portion of the video. After I have shown at least 5 different view points I will then switch to myself again and speak about all the information I have been able to gather. I need to get: -camera from ISS -interviewees -storyboard finished -editing practice   I am also thinking about the e-portfolio slightly. I want to find my connective tissues. About me- I want to obviously reveal my demographics (age, gender, race, major, hometown ,etc…) Then I was to have a picture of me as a dancer, fashionista, and then just a normal picture. This will help to show the different interests I have. I also want to talk about the way my life as a dancer connects to being the token identity in the room and then how that has informed my decision to write about being brown.  I kind of want to create a timeline to show my journey of accepting and realizing and finally appreciating my brown skin and my accomplishments about rasing awareness about colorism and empowering others to do the same! 2012- trip to italy and realizing brown -college essay 2013-Michigan and realizing that I am the token identity in many of my classes and one of few in my department 2014- PBG Maybe this timeline can translate differently in my eportfolio but I want to show some sort of journey and then my connective tissue will be the idea that each event inspires the next and the next until finally there is a girl proud to be Brown and wants others to be proud of who they are! More later on both of these projects.

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