Another League Blog!

While looking for a blog to talk about for this post, my friend (that also plays League) recommended that I take a look at Cloth5, a site run through WordPress. The purpose of the blog seems to be to inform its viewers of League of Legends news – whether it be blogs with tips on playing the game, the most current eSports games and standings, or tier lists and forums. Overall it’s pretty informative and helpful for anyone looking for tips or news.

The organizational strategies put into place are pretty interesting – every tab that the blog contains is represented in some way on the main home page. This works effectively to allow the viewer to see all the information available and contains a snapshot of what kind of info each tab will contain. There are also a couple interesting features on the home page that aren’t seen anywhere else: a short list of the most popular posts, and a group of tabs near the bottom of the page that feature certain parts of eSports like infographics, the League Championship Series, and the North American Challenger League for those that want specific information.

It is a very easy site to navigate and includes a simple search function if you can’t find what you’re looking for under the tabs.


E-Portfolio Struggles

In beginning to think about my eportfolio, its design, its purpose, its audience, and everything related to this project, I am struggling. At first, I wanted to create an eportfolio that was centered on the idea of telling a story about my life. I planned to find a theme on WordPress that looked almost like a journal or even a notebook or looseleaf paper. I wanted to use my pieces about my childhood and how my passion for writing emerged at a very young age to tell a chronological story about my life and my identity as a writer. The more I surfed around on WordPress, and thought about this project, the more difficult I realized this wold be. Although my “Why I Write” essay is centered on a more chronological-based story of my life as a developing writer, my other pieces for this class are completely unrelated (they actually have to do with salsa, the food!). How was I going to tell a story about myself and my life as a writer through just one piece?

I then considered completely shifting the focus of my eportfolio, and giving it a more professional look. I realized I could use this portfolio as a basis for when I graduate college, and could keep adding my writing pieces to it to ultimately show to employers. This would be a good use of my time in the minor, wouldn’t it? After speaking with a friend in the minor who has completed the gateway course, however, she reassured me that her portfolio was not professionally-based. She said hers was personal, which made the assignment special and meaningful for her. She told me that creating a professional portfolio did not fit her writing pieces, as they were more so creative, which is how I feel about my pieces as well.

This then gave me the confidence to reconsider all of my options. I think I might scratch the “notebook/journal/story” idea, and try to find a happy-medium. I may choose a more general idea to center my portfolio on, such as my passion for writing on the whole, and title my portfolio “A girl with a passion” (or something along those lines). I have come to the conclusion that I definitely want to express my personal side through my blog. I guess I will worry about the professional aspect of my portfolio later in life!


Best Blog Design

Here is what I believe to be one of the better WordPress layouts out there in the world.

It’s a buyable theme (I couldn’t find an example of someone actually using it). It’s very clean and precise, with easily readable text and layout. Compared to the blogs shown in class, this one has a lot less going on. A lot less to look at and get distracted by.

My Gateway Eportfolio!

Hi everyone!

I had a lot of fun working on my eportfolio this semester…and now it is DONE (at least, for now…); Click here to check it out! Although learning the ins and outs of WordPress was a bit of a pain, I am glad to have been able to use this software in the Gateway course. I know this is still a draft for my eventual website, but I am excited to use this site as a launching point for the capstone eportfolio. Hope everyone has a fabulous break and good luck with the rest of your finals!


Sincerely, Sarah

Holy excitement.

That’s how I feel about starting my E-Portfolio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I named it Sincerely, Sarah. Since Tuesday, whenever I have a spare minute I mess around with my website. I’ve changed the theme a million times but I think I’ve found one that I like!

When I started working on it I first decided that I needed to figure out the purpose. Since I am applying to law school and plan on putting the link to my e-portfolio on my resume, I really want it to be very professional. I saw a lot of themes that I really liked because they were fun but I decided they maybe weren’t appropriate for the message I am trying to convey. I don’t want it to lose my personality though, so I decided on a theme with just a bit of color. I figure law school admissions looking at my site should see that I am more than just a good student and talented writer, but an outgoing and colorful individual, as well!

I also decided that I wanted to have two separate areas on my site… “professional” and “creative”. This way the viewer of the site can find exactly what they are looking for. I guess I hope that a law school admittance counsel would look at my argumentative writing but maybe also take the time to check out some of my creative writing, too! I think my engaging and outgoing personality along with my unique sense of humor is something that will set me aside from other students. My hope is that my e-portfolio will help me do that!!

I’ve considered the idea of music or media but I’m worried that it will take away from the professional aspect. What do you think? Maybe I could utilize media in the “creative” section of my site but veer away from it on the “professional” aspect? What about the theme? Is it appropriate? SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!!

Check it out here !!!!

So I Guess That’s That.


That would be one way to summarize my experience with building my e-portfolio. Although clearly that one word with three measly letters may not seem descriptive, I truly am at a loss for words. When we were first assigned the e-portfolio (not at the beginning of the class, but the actual assignment not too long ago), I remember feeling something like this…

  thinking to myself, “How on Earth am I going to do that?” The whole assignment
seemed overwhelming. In fact, this is how I felt for each assignment throughout
entire course. Except, I always somehow managed to exceed my expectations for
myself. I did not have any idea how to create a website, I did not even know that
the term “widget” was real. In times of real stress and panic, I kept thinking that
I was going to have to just turn in half done work. And, if any of you are like me,
that is, you are a perfectionist, I cannot turn in work that does not at least feel
above average.

But, once I finally let go of my stress and decided to start playing around with
Word Press, I found myself actually having fun. I also found myself creating
something that I was proud of and that was extremely rewarding. I knew from the start that I wanted my e-portfolio to reflect my individual personality outside of the classroom, my personal writing personality as well as my academic writing abilities. I decided to model my portfolio off of other professionals that I have met throughout various work experiences. I based my e-portfolio around the idea of how I would present myself in an interview. I wanted to present my best image to the world wide web, but I also wanted to make sure that who I really am showed through. The incorporation of the self-reflection pieces, “Why I Write” and “Writing in New Media” allowed for my creative thought process to be displayed.

I also incorporated my work from the online women’s magazine HerCampus. In addition to my academic work, these writing pieces demonstrate a different writing style. I think in any aspect of life it is important to be a versatile person. It is important to be able to adapt to different situations and that is something I also aim for with my writing. I want to be able to convey my ideas clearly through a variety of different styles as well as different mediums.

Link to my e-portfolio: DANA’S WORD PRESS

I can honestly say, although I am extremely excited to be done with this project, that I am proud of the work that I have done throughout the semester in this class and that my e-portfolio (hopefully!) displays this. Without the help of each individual in this class, I do not think that any of us could have produced the final products that we did. Feeding off of each others ideas has proved to be one of the most valuable aspects of my creativity. I enjoyed seeing what other people were doing and the interesting ways that their minds work. I hope that we can continue this process in the 400 level course next year.

So as a good bye to this blog (at least for now)…THIS IS HOW I FEEL