Yours Truly

T-Ball circa 1999

Brendan Montgomery was born in Chicago, but currently resides in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It took him fifteen years to learn that he enjoyed writing and seventeen years to discover he is colorblind. His time outside of the classroom is dedicated to eating pints of Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream and rooting for the Chicago White Sox. He has two dogs and a twin sister.

The Name’s Sara, No “h”

Sara Estes considers herself a professional to-do list writer as well as an aspiring foodie. She splits her time between Ann Arbor, Michigan and Cincinnati, Ohio, but loves to travel outside of her Midwestern roots. “Home” to her is anywhere she can spend time with her mom and dad, two older brothers, and of course her dog Scruffy. She is pursuing a degree in Economics with a minor in Writing as well as a minor in Digital Studies, and hopes to go into a career in digital marketing in the future. As a writer for Michigan’s chapter of the online food magazine Spoon University, Sara explores her love of food trends, delicious restaurants, and interesting recipes. She has always found inspiration in famous quotes, and dreams of the day that her written words touch people’s lives in that same way.


Enjoying a game day despite Michigan's poor performance
Enjoying a rarity: nice weather in Michigan

A Brooklyn Girl

Ayana McPherson, a Brooklyn, NY native, is a 2012 graduate of LaGuardia High School for Music and Art & the Performng Arts, also known as the “Fame School.” There she majored in Dance and continued this undying passion at the University of Michigan. Although dance was among her favorite things to do, she also enjoys spending time with good friends and family, eating, obessing over chocolate and drinking Caprisun. Ayana also loves giving back to her community and being able to make a difference in the lives of others. Whether it be as a role model, donating money, community service or philanthropic efforts she will find a way to be a great person, “not in loud words but in good deeds!”


Just A Glimpse

Nina Steinberg was born and raised in New York City. She is a passionate traveler and enjoys immersing herself in different cultures. She is the photographer and writer behind Humans of Ethiopia. She is a business major at the University of Michigan, is pursuing a minor in writing, and is involved in psychology research. She is addicted to gum, loves chocolate, coffee, dogs, pigs, and elephants. Camel in Jordan

Established in 1993

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Colonia, Uruguay

Logan Hansen was born in Manistee, Michigan, a small rural town in the upper part of the state’s lower peninsula. His first published work – a short poem entitled Grasslands – appeared in the Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans when he was a fifth grade student at Manistee Catholic Central. Thereafter, he focused his efforts on numerous short stories of the creative fiction variety, of which he has amassed a healthy collection. A sampling of Hansen’s favorite words include “vivacious,” “indubitably,” “razzmatazz,” “perspicacity,” and “kumquat,” among many, many others. Currently, he attends the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, where he studies the intricacies of the psychological sciences, as well as the craft of writing. When not on the academic clock, Hansen spends his time in Northern Michigan, soaking up the sun along the beautiful shores of the greatest of the Great Lakes – Lake Michigan.

That’s So Catherine

cat soccerNow, this is a story all about how

Her life got flipped, turned upside down

And she’d like to take a minute

Just sit right there

She’ll tell you how she became the prince of a town called…Ann Arbor? Ha. She wishes.

Born on April 28th 1995, Catherine Louise Livingston grew up in Rye, NY with her mother, father and two brothers. She currently resides in Ann Arbor as a directionless student at The University of Michigan. She was named after Catherine of Wuthering Heights, but alas, has yet to find her Heathcliff *sigh*. A former 3 sport athlete, she now occasionally frequents the Central Campus Recreational Building when she can muster the willpower. Nothing brings her more joy than her two dogs, Duke and Blue. She cannot go longer than a month without shopping and her ultimate weakness is York peppermint patties. If she could live a day in the life of anyone it would be JLaw, hands down. *That’s So Raven voice* Yep, that’s me!!!!

Oh Hello There Hannah!

Hannah Gail Schiff grew up in the always sunny city of Los Angeles, CA. Since birth, Hannah has been brainwashed to attend U of M, as her entire family would sing, “Hail, Hail to Hannah Gail, the baby we adore.” Her conscious love of writing began when she created her own fashion blog in high school. Although she does not post on it anymore, she contributes to numerous fashion publications. Today, Hannah is a junior at the University of Michigan pursuing a degree in Communication Studies and a minor in writing. She splits her time between Ann Arbor and Los Angeles. Living in LA, Hannah has developed a strong love for great sushi and exceptional ice cream. Though most people don’t understand, Hannah hates cheese. The only exception to the rule is pizza- thank goodness because she is studying abroad in Florence next semester!  During Hannah’s free time you can find her cheering-on the Wolverines or watching an episode of Gilmore Girls for the 20th time.




happy as can be holding an ice cream sandwich at a football tailgate


From Little League to Big League

Jake LourimJake Lourim is a senior sports editor for The Michigan Daily, the official student newspaper of the University of Michigan. He covers men’s basketball among many other sports and served as the managing sports editor in summer 2014.

Lourim started sports writing in middle school and knew from a very early age it was something he wanted to do as a career. In high school, he established an independent sports news website covering sports at his high school.

Born and raised in Troy, Michigan, Lourim is from metro Detroit and isn’t ashamed to say it. He loves Aaron Sorkin TV shows, neck ties and his mom’s homemade macaroni and cheese. His favorite memories from his childhood are nights spent on the baseball diamond. He grew up with his parents, brother, sister and dog, Mugsy.


Hello, My Name Is…

Julia Liss is a junior at the University of Michigan studying Communications and Writing. She comes all the way from Livingston, New Jersey where she lives with her mom, dad, and two labrador retrievers. She also has two brothers and a sister-in-law, but since they’re adults, they all live in New York City, where Julia plans to live once she graduates. Julia is a staff news reporter for the Michigan Daily as well as the editor-in-chief of the Michigan chapter of Spoon University. Her reputation for being obsessed with food is extremely accurate as most of her days are spent planning her next meal. Much like a 5 year old, Julia gets really excited about the prospect of eating a blue snow cone.