Writing, Is.

People say writing is for big brains.

People say writing is just writing.

I say that writing is for all.

I say that writing is just feeling.

Feeling is being alive.

Writing doesn’t need pens, pencils, or paper.

Just Words

Just Feeling


The man who cannot write, can still live, and a story is made from his life.

A message, a feeling, a moment in time, but for writing, might be missed.


Writing is like the coolest rainbow you've ever seen.
Writing is the coolest rainbow you’ve ever seen.


Writing Is Power

Writing Is Power.

Writing is the rhythmic tap, tap, tap of the keyboard.

Writing is sitting down and crafting anything that means anything.

Writing changes people, moves people, frees people.

Writing influences government, science and technology.

Writing sparks debate, provides voice, starts a conversation.

Writing is about a smiling child, a tough time or just a beautiful day.

Writing is a voice for the voiceless, too.

It can change the world–and in today’s world, there is no greater power than that.

The Freedom of Writing.

Be free.
Be free.

Writing is free! It makes you feel free.

It gives you a sense of power. The power to create.

To recreate. To experiment with words.

Write for yourself or write for others.

Write to clear your mind, to make up your mind, or even to

lose your mind.

Write about what you love or what you hate, or about

something in between.

Whether you spend seconds, minutes, hours, or days writing,

you are creating something meaningful.

The beauty of writing is in it’s ambiguity, in it’s