Writing is on my mind..

So when asked to write about anything writing related that is on our minds, I couldn’t help but jump at this chance. Any other semester, I don’t think I have spent more than 20 minutes “thinking” about writing. Yes, it is true that I must write for my other classes, but I have never consciously thought about how it made me feel or really anything bayond the initial argument. However, this semester, with two english classes and a writing minor all coming at me at once, it seems that I cannot even help but think about writing.

In my English 325 class, the art of the creative nonfiction, I was required to write a personal narrative. There were no page limits, no themes we must abide to, only the expanse of “me” that I was told was the subject and narrator of this piece. When I went to type up a few thoughts, my mind went completely blank. It was as if any experience that I had ever had to shape or define me had been deemed insignificant, not by anyone else but by myslelf. I can’t say that there is anything scarier than not having faith in your life, yourself, your beliefs, goals, etc. And this is how i felt after realizing that was happening to me. Here is a little blurb of my almost finished essay:

Much like how I would consider myself a dancer, I have labeled myself a writer in recent years. It has come easily to me in the specific contexts in which I am forced to practice. However, when met with the task of the creative nonfiction essay, I was challenged. As I faced this daunting task, I was unsure if there was anything else that I have done in my time at the university that has made me as uncomfortable. Instead of stepping up and documenting one of the hundreds of instances in life that has shaped me, defined me, or labeled me, I refused to look introspectively into myself for fear of uncovering vulnerability within my soul that I was unwilling to revisit. Even with the encouragement of others, I felt that this simple task was just something that I would be unable to do. Looking back, I can see that this may be trait that has defined me throughout my life.

I am done letting this mindset define me. Writing is on my mind, and I am incredibly thankful. I truly do not know if I would have come to that conclusion without it.

3 thoughts to “Writing is on my mind..”

  1. I really liked this post for different reasons. First, I am in English 325, too, and I definitely agree that writing the personal narrative was a little terrifying! I also really admire that you are able to say so clearly what is on your mind. That’s the first step to actually confronting traits that may be holding you back.

  2. Love this! You are really in touch with your emotions when you write which is great. It relates to the argument about “writing restructuring consciousness.” I think I might take that class in the future. Writing a personal narrative sounds like a challenging, but fun, task that allows you to figure out who you really are.

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