Essay #2…any suggestions?

After reading this week’s assigned reading by Walter Ong, I felt drowned in historical facts that, truthfully, do not interest me.  Therefore, rather than blogging about my reaction to this reading, I am going to share some of my thoughts about our upcoming essay.

For our second essay, I am going to repurpose an argumentative essay I wrote about the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).  I originally wrote this paper for a public health class, and thus it was geared towards an audience with prior healthcare knowledge.  The thesis of my original essay was “The Family and Medical Leave Act provides initial, necessary regulations for employees to balance work and family, and promotes equal rights amongst men and women in the workplace; however, complete balance of the two is stymied by strict eligibility rules, social inequality, and economic burdens on employers.”

For this essay, I plan to repurposes my argument by writing to a young audience with no prior healthcare or FMLA knowledge.   Although I know the audience to whom I want to write, I have not yet found a specific newspaper or magazine that works for my intended audience…does anyone reading this have any suggestions?  Comment to let me know!!


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  1. Hey Rachel, I actually thought of a few things that may be helpful to you for your next paper. Have you ever heard of Channel One news? We used to watch it in high school and it was just 10 minutes of CNN type news except geared towards teens. That actually may be more appropriate for the re-mediation project, but it is something to think about. Also, TIME magazine does a TIME for kids that my mom uses as a fifth grade teacher in her classroom. Another possibility as far as a magazine is the Kids Discover series of magazines that might work for your idea. Good luck!

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