If I always added details…

I write because of my Grandma. Maybe not all of the time, but anytime I open a journal or grab a pen to jot down a story, images of her warm face flash through my  head.  The smell of her house, a mixture of paint and cookies, something I often call how her house would have smelled in the fifties, washes a calm over me.  Feeling her friendly embrace upon my shoulders adds to the effect.

What if that was why I write? To feel those feelings?

That is not necessarily true, because I write for myself. To express what I want to say, to try to understand a situation a little better.  I write to make myself happy, or to fulfill an assignment. Really, there simply is no one reason as to why I write.  I like all kinds of writing for all kinds of reasons.  Nothing makes me happier than sending a letter to my friend, or writing a paper on a topic of my choice, or sitting down with a journal during an afternoon to update the paper on my life.

I will say though, when I write, my Grandma does often pop up in my head. I see her confused face, hear her low pitched voice.  Thinking of her somehow makes me able to write down everything I want to say, every detail I want to express.

One thought to “If I always added details…”

  1. I think it is interesting how you said that you feel your Grandma’s presence around you when you write. The only thing that I am a little confused about is why. I have a similar feeling whenever I draw because that is an activity that my grandma and I used to do together when I was little. Although my grandma is still in good health and alive, the act of drawing always makes me feel as if she is around me. It would enhance your blog post if you discussed exactly why you think of your grandma while writing.

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