More Questions than Answers.

I don’t know why I write. By the end of this draft, I should have substantially more options to choose from. I think I’m running into the problem of hand-selecting the reasons why I write that I like, the ones I can reconcile easily.  I really don’t have a good answer and I’m not big into introspection so this assignment is going to be a painful process above and beyond the normal strife writing causes me. This feels like it’s turning into a journal entry and I don’t want my paper to sound like that so I’m going to stop myself. We’ll see how this goes tomorrow. On the upside, I am very interested in reading everyone papers!

2 thoughts to “More Questions than Answers.”

  1. I understand how it can sound like a journal entry because it sort of is. You’re pouring yourself onto the paper; there isn’t an academic topic that you can hide behind this time. You might not know why you exactly write. You may even write to find out if you even like writing as much as you think or in the way you think.

  2. Before I started writing my paper, I had the same concerns that you do. I don’t know why write and was afraid that my paper would lack a central claim because of this. What I found, however, is that once I started writing I was able to come up with many ideas why I do write. Ultimately, I think that I found a central claim. Now that I have this claim, however, I, too, am concerned that my paper sounds too much like a journal entry.

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