Why I Write (with apologies to Evelyn Waugh!)

The following is an attempt to explain why I write while borrowing the style of a favorite author … I had to pick Waugh, didn’t I? (sigh)

The image comes back to me slowly, as if my consciousness itself is carrying it, bearing it carefully across wispy shoulders; a pallbearer to an idea that should have been long dead.  Still the illusion remains, when I thought I had discovered its origins and in so doing, had banished it.  So the image creeps up to meet my thoughts, sidling along like a dog in disgrace.  With it comes the recognition that what it tells me may yet be true, because I cannot keep up with the horizon as it receeds ever more softly into the distance.  In this moment and just past the treeline, there is the ocean.  Invisible it may be, but borne back to me is its treacherous evidence – the proof that is not yet proof.  The wind in the trees  is instead waves on a wind-tossed beach, the distant rush of traffic the crash of breakers upon a sand bar.  In this moment, when I close my eyes sea-scent perfumes the air.  Here, I know my meaning behind writing: to escape the very images imprinted on my mind.

3 thoughts to “Why I Write (with apologies to Evelyn Waugh!)”

  1. This is absolutely gorgeous. These are the kind of images a reader just wants to swim in. Though the metaphors sometimes collide a little oddly, I think this is a useful device to illustrate the way images work in your mind, and how writing helps sort all of this out.

  2. Wow. I love this! It sounds very poetic and displays great imagery. At first I didn’t understand how it represented why you write…then I got to the last line and it all made sense. This is definitely a unique writing style. I envy you for attempting to emulate the author of your choice.

  3. This really is beautiful. I can tell how much writing means to you by reading this and isn’t that the goal of all writers no matter fro whom or for what they are writing? Writing to escape from he realities of your mind is something that I think many can relate to. DO you ever write to tap into those realities?

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