Writing About Writing About Why I Write

writing, noun
the activity or skill of marking coherent words down on paper and composing text

But, isn’t writing so much more? Writing is a deeply complex relationship, between the writer and written, the slave and the master. Yes, in that order. Writing commands the writer, not the other way around.  It’s unfair, that the creator has so little power over his creation, but it seems to me a universal truth about any artistic form. The work demands the artist to render it in its own vision.  It’s exhausting and leaves the creator drained, but somehow fulfilled. A finished piece of writing brings about a sense of triumph. And, in this triumph of conquering that which so recently seemed unconquerable, I realize I am more than what I give myself credit for being. But soon, writing calls again, a beckons me back, and reassumes its position of control. I write to conquer myself, so that I may be better.

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