A step away from social suicide

FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY the paper has been written.

Well, the first seven or eight pages anyway.

But at least it’s a start.

It was really starting to drive me crazy, and I had all these crazy visions of me not doing anything for the next two or three weeks except writing this paper and then it finally hit me that I should start writing it and then see if I need any more research.

So I did! And I’ve gotten far for not spending a ton of time on it yet. It’s a a little challenging because I do have so many sources, and I have to be around the sources so I can quote them and use them for referencing. And since I don’t feel like carrying around 12 books all day I can really only work on my paper at home. ┬áBut I’m getting there. And my goal is by this weekend to have a nice, long, big, solid, working draft. Anyone who wants to proofread 15 pages or so, step right up. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I’m actually proud of myself. I know that sounds dumb. But I am! And, hey, I get to enjoy Halloween instead of going into hiding to write this stupid thing.

2 thoughts to “A step away from social suicide”

  1. whee, writing papers with tons of sources! Actually, I feel indebted to my dear old high school English teacher, who insisted that I first read my sources taking notes on index cards of noteworthy quotes, or points of analysis that seemed cool.

    If you use a separate index card for each quote or point of analysis (jotting down the article title, the author’s name, and the page number so you don’t get them mixed up), your back doesn’t break when you decide to go to the library to work on your paper. It also helps if you are dealing with internet sources because then you aren’t tempted to go on Facebook when you’re supposed to be writing.

    Anyway, it’s a bit tedious and sort of makes you feel like you’re from the 1950’s, but it helps you engage more deeply with the sources and helps you get some quality writing in, down the road. So that’s my two cents.


    But no really. That idea is amazing. It might be too late to put it into use for this paper, but I am most certainly going to start using it from here on out.

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