A tearful goodbye to my first blog group!!

It’s been a long road, guys and in the words of Katy, “these are our last moments together.” =)

When reading back over my older posts, I definitely noticed a few trends. From Post 1 to the most recent there is definitely a decent level or sarcasm, complaining about readings, and a fairly consistent length (leaning on the slightly lengthy side). The posts I enjoyed reading back over the most were my very reactive blog posts, particularly ones about readings I didn’t like. The schema I have in my head for blogging is basically someone sitting behind a computer writing a public diary entry about whatever they feel like. Much to my dismay/curiosity/surprise, my blog posts have turned out to be that very thing…yay technology.

As far as comments, I enjoy getting any comments. Good, bad, ugly. I like ’em all. Most of the comments I left were for the people in my blog group and I really enjoyed their posts because I felt like I got to know them better than just the biweekly interactions we had in class. Once in a while, I would expand my horizons and comment on a random post I really liked the title of or felt strongly about.

One thing that I have noticed about blogging that I think is worth mentioning, but doesn’t fit cleanly into one of our topics is the level of writing appearing on the blog. When I posted my first blog, I read through the other three or so that were up and was blown away by the great writing that I saw. This immediately made me want to up my game. I’ll admit this competitive streak lasted about 2 weeks before other classes set in and my writing level decreased substantially in formality. That being said, I still feel like I achieved the same level of insight writing informally that I would have had I been required to write formally. At any rate, blog group number one, best of luck to you in your new groups!!

2 thoughts to “A tearful goodbye to my first blog group!!”

  1. Just wanted to say that I loved your picture 🙂

    Also, I saw people writing some great blogs on here and I was a little shocked. I, too, decided to step up my game. But then I realized that this is a conversational blog, not a formal, academic writing assignment, and I can write however I wish! It’s a good thing because I am too busy with other things, especially this research paper I decided to choose for our re-purposing project…………… which I have yet to decide if it’s a good thing or a bad thing.

  2. Had to comment when I got the email about this! Your post cracked me up and I actually decided to step up my game for the re-purposing project after seeing everyone else’s major endeavors…and therefore, it won’t be turned in Friday! =P

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