A Total Joan Didion Moment…

Since school has picked up like crazy, I decided to wake up early today and study. I went Brueggers and ordered the seasonal baked apple bagel and went upstairs to get to work. This is when I had a total Joan Didion moment — I looked out the window and saw dozens of students with multi-colored backpacks walking to the Diag, the warm fall toned leaves falling off the trees, and the brick buildings of the State Street stores. While I should have been focusing on Osmotic Pressure for Physical Chemistry, I found myself narrating a story in my head about the typical day of a U of M student. All these descriptive words came to mind about the scene I was watching down below and then I realized, this is the type of moment that Joan Didion was describing in her essay “Why I Write.” I’m fairly sure I’ve mentally described detailed scenes of my surroundings before, but this was the first time that I have ever consciously noticed!

One thought to “A Total Joan Didion Moment…”

  1. I love this! I find myself mentally describing what I see around me quite often. I can picture the exact imagery you mention. I think this is great inspiration for writing.

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