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Looking at my past blogs, I was surprised to notice a common theme of frustration.  While I definitely do not intend to complain and sound frustrated in my blog posts, it is interesting that I come off this way.  Maybe blogging gives me insight into my own thoughts?  Regardless, if you are in my new blog group and have been reading my blogs,know that I am not a frustrated person, I swear!!  Beyond my frustration that is evidently apparent in my blogs, I noticed that my tone often switches from one that is formal to one that is very colloquial depending on the nature of the assignment.  For example, when I blog about a reading or when I am answering a specific question, I tend to have a more formal tone.  However when I use my blog to discuss something writing related on my mind, I tend to have a more informal, sarcastic tone.  Because my tone so often changes, it is hard for me to establish a blog persona.  Maybe that is something that I need to work on as a blogger…establishing a single tone that will allow readers to recognize my voice.

My favorite post was the post that I have written was about website layouts because I was able to look at websites that I visit so often from a new perspective – I was able to think about them in new ways.  I really like blogging because through analyzing text or even just “venting,” taking 10-12 minutes to write my thoughts often allows me to challenge myself and think about things in a new light.  While I really enjoy “venting” because I can analyze my own thoughts, it is these same posts that least like, because after re-reading them I feel that I come off as a bitter person.   While after Tuesday’s class I see how these posts are beneficial (we were all able to discuss common problems with essay #2), when I write these I feel like I am just venting for the sake of producing a blog post – basically, I feel like I am whining and complaining and I really don’t mean to sound like this!


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  1. I think that we can all agree, we sound more frustrated and agitated in our blog posts that we intended to. It is hard to free write about your feelings when you are feeling frustrated and not come off that way. I think a great way to still be self-expressive, but not come off as complaining, is to free write and then edit your post once before you publish it. This way, you can get the emotional relief from writing your true feelings, but you can edit away some of the sarcasm that may not come across as well in writing.

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