In with the New

Looking back at my blog posts, I noticed I sounded way more professional when there was a prompt to write to, but I also found myself liking those writings less. For me, it seems like the blog is more of a way to talk unfiltered about what’s on my mind in regards to this class, the minor, and writing in general.  When I’m just free writing, my personal voice makes itself much more present, and I also find it easier to come up with ideas to write about. Prompts are nice for giving me a jumping off point, but ideas flow far more easily when I’m “writing out loud,” as Andrew Sullivan would call it. I love writing with one point in mind and letting it spiral out in to places I couldn’t have ever seen it traveling in my most vivid imaginations. And, while sometimes the blog does seem a little like busy-work, I have to say, every time I’ve finished writing a blog post I feel a lot better about everything going on with my writing, in this class as well as others. I’ve found blogging is a really nice way to turn on the tap and get the faucet running.

I’ve been a terrible commenter, and a goal I’m setting for myself is to change that. I think I maybe comment once a week, and that’s being generous with myself. I personally appreciate comments on my posts; they’ve helped me out a ridiculous amount  and it’s not fair to not participate and engage with other peoples’ work like they’ve engaged with mine.  To my old group, I’m sorry, and to my new group, I promise to be better, because obviously, the comments are important, maybe even more so than the actual post. In our first blog groups, before we tragically parted, we all noticed that the blog is really conversational: “it feels like having a really interesting conversation with a friend” as one of us put it.  And that’s kind of how I like it.  Writing’s fun.  Talking’s fun. Friends are fun.  So talking about writing with friends is kind of a blast. And it’s helpful. I’ve found the best way to make my writing better is to talk with someone about it, and the blog really lends itself to starting a conversation. I guess I’m hoping this new blog group works in a similar way. I’m sad to see my old group go, but excited to see where the new one takes me, and the rest of us.

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