Intro to My Blog Posts

Salutations new blog group! Since you have the incredible (mis) fortune to be assigned to reading and commenting on my blog, I will take you through the particulars in this post!

The first common theme you will notice is my tendency to tangent, especially with stories about my family and friends back in Troy, Michigan. I find that nothing is ever explained sufficiently without a good story about that one friend of mine, or my mom. I’m a little like your grandpa that way. I am also compulsively sarcastic, which comes out in nearly all of my posts, especially with picture captions and self-deprecation (though I think all of us do that on this blog, we should just rename it Minor in Self-Deprecation and be honest with ourselves). When I read all of my posts about the readings, I have found that I disagree with almost all of the authors. I promise I don’t just hate everything I read, it is just that writing about how good a reading was does not make for a fun blog post.

I hope you will all be amused/horrified enough to comment, I definitely appreciate comments. The comments I find most helpful offer a different perspective, or ask a question. Also, I totally appreciate being told if the post made you laugh, because in another  life, I will be a stand up comedian instead of a Poli Sci major. While I always like being agreed with, this doesn’t always help me learn things or to change.

I will try to comment in interesting ways on your posts. I am a rather unfortunate hypocrite and totally do the whole “I totally agree, what a nice blog post!” type comment from time to time. I am working on being more constructive and dynamic, and give other people the kind of feedback I would want.

I am excited to get to know all of you during the next five weeks!

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  1. Alex, sitting here in an impromptu all-nighter that resulted in looking at blogs for the last two hours, this post made me laugh out loud! (Slightly embarrassed because I think my housemates downstairs heard me.) Anyway, I have enjoyed your insightful comments on my posts, and I hope mine help you in some way. Do you feel like your tone has changed in this second stage or remained static?

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