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My posts have tended to be a bit heavy-handed.  I seem to take myself way too seriously – which is funny because in real life I am amused way too easily.  But with time my tone has lightened up and become more suitable for a blog, but I still tend to take myself too seriously.  That’s the problem of writing, I guess.  You can’t moderate what you say by facial expression or tone of voice, like we discussed in class.  I didn’t really talk a lot about the assigned articles, either.  I tend to be forthright about what is on my mind and self-absorbed.  As my mother puts it kindly, we Taskers have a rich inner life.  My favorite posts are the posts where I can connect ideas from different areas of experience.  I think sometimes my blog posts are hard to read, but that’s something I am working on!

One thought to “Introduction Blog”

  1. I am also amused way too easily.. for instance, I laughed when I read that. I laughed when I spilled coffee on myself today. And I laughed when my picture fell off the wall.

    And don’t worry, I write in a very serious tone in my blogs and then at the end try to make myself laugh. I don’t know why, because I laugh 24/7… always at the wrong times. And I can’t help it. I just love laughing. So the fact that I sound like some serious 60 year-old man who runs a morgue in my blogs is strange to me. But whatevs….

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