Reflection On My Blog Posts Thus Far

Reflecting on my blog posts thus far, I noticed that the majority of my posts contain similar attributes. For the most part, I tend to “blog” practically how I talk. I know that people who I am friends with would agree, but since I did not know anyone coming into this class, it is interesting to think that when one of you reads my posts, that it is almost like having a conversation with me. It is hard to think that someone’s writing can be “real,” but, looking back at my posts, the writing is about as close to a verbal interaction with me as it gets (while sticking to the guidelines of the blog, of course!).

I tend to add humor or entertainment aspects to my posts such as YouTube clips or pictures. This is mostly for my own amusement. I also noticed that I tend to say “I feel like…” a lot, which is something an Israel soldier I became friends with in Israel this summer pointed out as a phrase that Americans often say. I thought this was a pretty funny connection.

My most satisfying post so far was my post “Show Your Personality” in which I explored 5 inspirational websites for my eportfolio. This post was the most fun for me to write and also gave the class a look into my personal life because it showed sites that I frequent outside of class. My least satisfying post was my first post, “Why I Write – 9/8/11.” Not only was the title boring, the post was boring. I’d like to believe this is just because it was my first post and I was not very comfortable with expressing ideas through this public of a medium yet. It took me a little time to adjust, which I think is evident in my posts.

I only received 5 comments and three are from yesterday and today, so I don’t think that those have been very effective. I am also to blame because I have been lacking on my commenting as well. This is something I am going to try to stay up-to-date on now.

2 thoughts to “Reflection On My Blog Posts Thus Far”

  1. I totally agree with you about the most satisfying post…that was my favorite too! I think I liked it because I was able to connect something that I do outside of class to writing by writing about different websites that I frequently visit. It also allowed me to look at these websites in a new light which was fun to do.

    I also agree about the effectiveness of the comments. Besides the fact that people do not comment often, I think that we talk about our posts in class and then by the time I need to comment I don’t have much left to say!

  2. Well, it would appear we’ve had very similar blogging experiences. I noticed a lot of the same things you pointed out about your blog in my own writing: I say “I feel” a lot, probably too much; I talk, for the most part how I would talk in real life; and I try to be humorous (which I don’t think is ever actually that effective). I totally know where you’re coming from.

    I’ve also been a pretty bad commenter thus far, but it’s something I’m trying to fix. Hopefully we can all work together to better facilitate more of a conversation about our blog posts and writing in general.

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