So far, this assignment has been extremely challenging. I never realized how hard it is to go back to an old piece of writing and totally repurpose it. This assignment required me to think about the paper’s original purpose, as well as come up with a totally new one for a new audience. The original paper is a 12 page paper about Female Genital Cutting (FGC). It describes the procedure in detail, explains why it is a human rights violation, compares it to Chinese foot binding, and ends with a discussion of how to end FGC. The purpose of this paper was to say that FGC is wrong and must be stopped. I put more emphasis on why it is wrong than I did on how to stop it.

For the repurposing, I am doing the opposite. I am going to try to put more emphasis on coming up with a model to end FGC and less emphasis on why it is wrong. The format I have chosen is a policy memo that is being sent to two doctors at the World Health Organization (WHO). I’ve been following the Ford School of Public Policy memo guidelines and so far, it has been a challenge figuring out what language and tone to use. I decided that it should be formal yet personal. Formal in the sense that it is an issue and idea I am trying to bring to the World Health Organization’s attention and personal because I’m writing about my own opinions and how I can help the WHO end FGC. I plan on including pictures and diagrams, but I am not sure how to cite these in a memo.

Repurposing my paper into a memo format is extremely relevant to my career aspirations. I hope to work for the WHO whether as a summer internship or for a professional career and I also plan to focus on the health of women and children. No matter what my career is, I hope to have the opportunity to express my ideas and research in writing and the style of that writing will probably resemble a memo.

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