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One of my favorite websites is fashion and cooking blog Cupcakes and Cashmere. This site is a great example of a lucrative and creative blog. The site’s author, Emily, provides insights into the latest trends as well as provides how-to guides for many DIY hair and makeup styles and fashions. She also provides her readers with easy and adorable recipes for both food and beverages. I particularly admire her site because it encompasses the author’s personal style and personality. It maintains a classy, organized feminine feel and the perfect ratio of photos and text. One thing that I do not enjoy about particular sites is if there is too much of either. Click the photo featuring Emily modeling a September 2011 Fall look to check out her site

September 2011 Outfit Trends

A second inspiration for my eportfolio is the blog “Kiss The Groom” by wedding photographer Elizabeth Messina. This blog emphasizes love; love for husband and wife, love for families, and love for life. Her layout is a little bit more unique than my first example and shows the author’s artistic and creative abilities. Again, this site is nicely organized and easy to navigate.

I am a big pop culture junkie, so my third inspiration is a little bit unrealistic to model for this class., the one-stop shop for celebrity gossip. Perez and his team are always on top of their game, getting Hollywood’s news first and exploiting it in anyway he deems hilarious. This site is again, easy to navigate and organized and it also has different tabs to go to various pages with different content. A good idea for the layout of an eportfolio would be possibly dividing each genre of writing onto a separate page in order to further organize my work. Click the picture to check out

Perez's personality shine through not only through his site, but with his crazy hair

On a more serious note, my fourth inspiration is The New York Times website. I like that the website maintains a newspaper style, making the transition from print to web a little bit easier for older generations to adjust to. This site is easy to navigate and works just like you’re holding a paper. You can “flip” through the different articles and pick and choose different pages (links) of the paper to go to.

The link I am providing to the site is a link to the article highlighting Steve Job’s incredible life and achievements. He lost his battle with cancer today at the young age of only 56.  His impact on the world, such as inventing the computer mouse as well as building Apple into the empire it is today will never be forgotten.

Lastly, my fifth inspirational website is “The Everywhereist’s Travel Blog,” which was selected as on of Time Magazine’s Top 25 blogs. This blog catalogs the travels of the author as she travels around the world with her husband for work. She originally started blogging because she got laid off and went with him on his trips. This blog is a reminder of her adventures and a treasure for the world to read. She archives her work by month and year and maintains a clean, organized layout.

Where are you going? 🙂

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  1. I think it’s great that all of these blogs have a different theme or sense of ideals as to what they post about. It gives you the opportunity to learn more about the topics discussed, but also see different ways material can be presented. I know that the NYT website has so much information all over, and while I do like it, it can tend to get overwhelming at times. Where as the Cupcakes and Cashmere blog, which we looked at in class, seems to be more simple and full of character and personality- something which I really like to see. I hope that my blog can carry some of that originality, and I would assume that you hope for the same thing. I really liked that one- thanks for showing me 🙂

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