So adorable! So fun! So curly!

This is my favorite website in the entire world, or so, world wide web.  I love it. You can find all kinds of fun girly things on  here- crafty ideas, fun recipes, fashion advice, happiness and life advice, shared stories, and even a link to this specialty paper store that I am in LOVE with and have dreams of opening one day.

I don’t know exactly what it is about this site… the shop has it’s own website, which happens to be just as cute.  But this site just takes it to another level. The letters at the top are so fun and cute and make me smile.  I love all the categories on the side- they’re all so fun and uniquely named.  The headings and colors pop but aren’t too neon and don’t hurt your eyes. There’s a cool search tool to browse quickly through the whole site, or you can go to another section and click through month by month. In the blog section, there are always tons and tons of pictures being added, so colorful and full or seasonal happiness. Also on the right side are ads for other shops like CurlyGirl, small businesses throughout the country that specialize in unique letters and cards, jewelry, wall art, etc. These little shops make cities and towns full of charm and character, and I would love to be an owner or work at one someday.

Girls, if you’re ever in need of a smile, small affirmation, or unique little present or note, you should check it out. You will turn your frown upside down 🙂

One thought to “So adorable! So fun! So curly!”

  1. This is a great example of a site to use as an inspiration for your eportfolio. This site is unique, original and artistic. The creative personality of the author definitely shows through. Having a blog is a great interactive aspect of a store’s website, especially a store that carries original creations. I am excited to check out the specialty paper. That type of thing makes the best gifts!

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