What if we could write whatever we wanted?

I think for this week I’m going to blog twice- once about a website of my choosing, and once about something writing related.

This, for now, is something writing related.


I am writing my re-purposing paper on a topic that I absolutely love- the relationship between Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust. I took two history classes last year that briefly discussed this topic, Origins of Nazism and the History of the Catholic Church in the Modern World. For both of these classes, I did reading responses to books for that week. At one point in my response, I was able to analyze what the Pope did during such a tragic time in 300 words or so- clearly that is not enough room. I felt that this assignment gave me more room and flexibility to have thorough research done and really write about what I think about the Pope and his actions.  Not only am I enjoying the ability to choose my topic and the research that I do, but I am actually really enjoying it and am finding myself reading through a book for this project instead of doing other homework. It could be the history buff in me, or it could be that this topic is just really fascinating.

So which one is it?

Am I enjoying this project so much because I am technically writing whatever I want? Granted, I can’t make things up about the Pope or the Holocaust, but I am giving direction as to the path this paper will take and what kinds of arguments I want to make. I wish I could work on this the rest of the semester, not because I don’t want to sit down and actually write, but more so because I am loving reading, writing, and revising what I am learning. It is a topic I can see myself studying through graduation, or even focusing my PhD around it.

Does anyone else feel this way? I don’t know what other people chose for their papers, but if you chose something that is so interesting like this, do you find this assignment enjoyable? Or maybe the writing you do in your free time- special magazine articles or blogs- do you really enjoy writing that way? On those topics? For that audience?

What if all the writing we did could be like that- the kind of writing that makes you never want it to end. The kind that not only lets you learn more about the topic of interest, but also about yourself and your writing abilities.  The kind that you feel such an emotional attachment to, you actually forget it’s not really part of your life.  The kind that you really just enjoy, and doesn’t really feel as if it is a homework or  job assignment.

That’s how this paper feels to me. I’m taking my time on it because I do have a lot of information to find, sort through, and map out before I can actually write a good draft. But I’m also taking my time because I want to fully grasp all that I can- soak up the wisdom of the authors, learn as much about the topic as possible, and really enjoy myself and this assignment.

I really love writing whatever I want. Really.

Do you?

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