I would like my e-Portfolio to be fairly professional, but like, interesting. I was thinking of using WordPress, but I really do not want it to look like a blog, so I am exploring some options regarding what is possible with WordPress versus other sites like Weebly or something. I want to have a menu bar on top with categories like “Political Science” and “Creative Writing” so that the hypothetical portfolio¬†peruser¬†knows what they are getting into when reading. I have told some of you about my pathological obsession with Cracked.com and I would like to incorporate a “If you liked this, now click this link and read more!” feature because it works on me like the thing with the lab rats and the button that gave them drugs.

Aw. Can we not kill it for science? (Credit to this person's blog: http://people.tribe.net/c58df4ab-90a8-4014-823b-30a62a1043cb/blog/52dc1716-249f-417a-88cc-57563e7d003a)

I would enjoy a comments section, as you all know I love feedback as much as I like list-formatted comedy articles.

I would like to be colorful as well, professional does not have to mean gray! It may or may not end up purple.

I don’t have many ideas beyond these, any comments, questions, or concerns?

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