ePortfolio Plans

As far as presenting myself to the world as a writer, I want to welcoming.  The last thing I want to look like is pretentious, which is always personally a very off-putting experience for me.  I’ll probably feature a resume or a CV type document, but I definitely won’t be featuring it on the first page. It’ll probably just show up as a link for viewing on my “About Me” page.

I want the design of my portfolio to reflect my personality a lot. When people come to the site, I want them to leave with not an understanding of who I am, but definitely an accurate impression. That’s why I liked the Mark McGall site I posted to the blog earlier so much; it oozes personality, and because of that, it’s memorable. I want people to come to my site and think, “Hey, there’s a creative, interesting guy that knows what the hell he’s doing and has some killing writing to boot.”

Ideally, I would like to use this portfolio for applying to MFA programs next year, and possibly internships and other programs for the summer, which is why I think it’s going to be some important for me to display a memorable persona. I want applicant review committees to see my site, and remember it, and revisit it to check out my writing, and ultimately accept me to their programs.

I’m not really sure I’ll be using too many Web 2.0 features on my portfolio site. I get how they could be useful or interesting, and could add a different dimension to my site, but I really do want to keep the site focused on a) my writing and b) my personality and voice as a writing.  I might make use of some videos, maybe like a greeting/welcome to my site type thing on the home page, but that’s probably as far as I’ll be venturing into the world of interactivity.

Though focused primarily on my writing, I think I would be remiss to leave out images in my site. I’m really into visual literacy lately, and using images that either characterize or compliment my writing, as well as the persona I establish in this portfolio, will help add a nice rhetorical dimension to the site. I would also love to include any multimodal pieces I end up doing on the portfolio, but as it stands, I can’t really think of a single one that makes sense to display on my site.

I’m a little nervous for this task. Getting it just right could be a tricky endeavor.  But I’m also excited to just get going on it. I want to see my finished product. Somehow, the idea of having all my writing up online on a website that everyone with an Internet connection can see seems to legitimize my writing.  It makes it real, and I love that.

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