(Sort of) Travelling Back in Time

This Thanksgiving  I went through all of my old elementary and middle school papers.  Seeing how my writing style changed was pretty strange.  In middle school I started to devel0p a very odd sense of humor.  It was self-consciously over-the-top.  For example, in response to a unit in seventh grade on why drugs are bad I wrote an exceedingly bad satire that involved a policeman cornering “drunk teens” with “inspirational posters of the kitten persuasion”.  Whatever that means.

I’m not really sure whether I should be impressed with my mother’s saving ability or depressed by the fact that I distinctly remember throwing many of those wildly inane satires away as soon as they were written.  Either way, I still want to know why I seemed obsessed with making fun of inspirational posters.  Because that part of younger me was headed in the right direction.

2 thoughts to “(Sort of) Travelling Back in Time”

  1. Everything comes full circle? haha
    I found some of my old writing as well…in a diary. So embarassing. It had a horse on the front (still not embarrassed to say I loved horses) and all sorts of entries from my middle school years (VERY embarassed—those words will never see the light of day again). Middle school was just an ugly time for attitude adjustment problems. Luckily, we outgrew it, right? Or just found better ways to disguise it.

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