The eportfolio that is never understood…

I still don’t know what I’m going to do for my eportfolio. I had this grand idea to have a big world map on my home page and from there you could click on different parts of the world, such as different cities/states in America, as well as different countries to read what I’ve written in those places, about those places, or based off of those places. Since I love going to new places and learning, I figured that this would be a great way to show who I am and have a unique organization to it.  Once you would click on the spot, you would be taken to a new page with a blurb about the piece, why it was written, etc.  Then you would be able to read or click on a link/file to download the piece.  I also thought  maybe I could add a side bar that would allow you to click on pieces, and I could classify them as, “Academic” “Newspaper” “Magazine” “Reflective” etc, and from there you would be able to see what pieces fall into what place.


Then I realized I have no idea what I am doing and clearly am biting off more than I can chew- this is more than I have time for or what I am willing or able to learn. If I could have someone create my website for me- that is what it what it would be: a super awesome map with lots of clicky things and pictures.


Instead, I must settle for something else. I haven’t made up my mind yet, mostly because I am still slaving away at the paper and have not thought much about the eportfolio or the details of my remediation project… just sort of trying to take things one at a time. I prefer to finish a project before I start another one, so this class is quite challenging in that sense.


But nonetheless, I will have something laid out for tomorrow… but as you can see… I have no idea what that will be.

One thought to “The eportfolio that is never understood…”

  1. “Insert pep talk here.” hahaha I had an idea for you after we talked! As far as the map thing, if you used Google Sites as your platform for your e-portfolio, it would be super easy to insert Google maps. And then there’s that thing you can do in Google maps where when you drag your mouse over certain places, a little picture of it pops up with some text. I’m sure there is a way you would be able to hyperlink that as well. We’ll chat tomorrow, though. Good luck!

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