The power of the PSA

(A little late but better than never)

As a blog group, Rachel, Josh, and I were looking through and talking about some PSA’s that we found not only useful but also entertaining and sometimes really funny. This was at the end of discussing our storyboards, one of which was a PSA about sexting (mine). I stated how I would make the tome very serious, citing the dangers and repercussions of sexting that some children aren’t aware of. However, once I started thinking about it after class, I could not come up with a good reason why I should make one of those boring a videos that dramatize all things deemed important enough to be broadcast-ed on public television, the internet, radio, etc. It seemed to me, after finding those examples of PSA’s that talk about just as stigmatized subjects but in a comedic tone, that my point can be broadcasted in that same way and still be powerful.

Here is an example of a video that we found to be really funny, but still made us think.

MTV \”What if\” Condom PSA

We were laughing so hard at this (and still for some reason explained ourselves to Naomi. Aren’t we old enough to know about condoms?). Thinking about this over the weekend, i have decided that maybe this isn’t going to be the best tone to use for my sexting PSA, but I will definitely see if, while filming, my actors find a separate tone from the one in my script more engaging and useful.

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  1. I’m laying in bed, reading blogs, and just watched this… and laughed too. It was funny, and not what I expected, although from MTV this sort of commercial would be more expected. I think you should try to play around with things because this type of psa can be more effective.

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