This break…

This break I am planning to write for myself. I have a twelve-hour car ride to North Carolina and I think I am going to work on my short story and possibly actually read something of my own choice.  It’s sad that during the school year I lose almost all of my interests outside of college. I do my schoolwork, participate in clubs, go to football games.. It’s weird that I’m basically a void for cultural information while I’m in school. Kind of counter intuitive.  Let’s compare myself at UofM to the summer me. Comparatively, during the school year I do not: read for pleasure, write for pleasure, watch the news, read the newspaper, and probably other things that I can’t even think of cause I’m in school mode.  However, I could tell you: the definitions of countless psych terminology from my three psych classes, how to write a convincing essay, and our football record.

I guess there isn’t one set of knowledge/activities that is necessarily better for my life, but I would definitely enjoy myself a little more if everything could be incorporated together.  Maybe I need to finish up school before I expect to do anything for myself again.  But for now, I will be riding in the car to NC, taking some well-deserved me time.

2 thoughts to “This break…”

  1. You bring up a really good point about how much we live in a bubble while we are in school. It’s kind of crazy, actually. I feel like I am more cultured here in Ann Arbor at UM while I’m in school than when I am home for the summer, but it’s in a more academic, confined, controlled way than in a keeping up with the current issues. I don’t really know what to make of it. I usually do small things to keep up: turn the news on the TV in the morning while making breakfast, try to scroll CNN instead of Facebook, talk to my brother who seems to know everything about everything. Enjoy your “you” time!

  2. I totally agree with this. It’s like everything else disappears as soon as we start the semester and enter “school mode”. I would love it if I could keep on doing all my college stuff while still enjoying my “me time”. I haven’t been able to keep up on any of my favorite TV shows and am 3 months behind on my favorite magazines because I am so wrapped up in the college life. It’s a never-ending cycle of schoolwork, reading assignments, papers, parties, sleep, club meetings, internship responsibilities, and more; but never any time to sit back and relax.

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