Done Done Done Done Done.

This marks the end of my semester! Yayyyyy! I am very glad about the way my project turned out. It is pretty much exactly what I had in mind. There were many moments during this project when I wasn’t sure if I could do it but I pushed through and Volia! being done is worth the fact that I was bawling in the fishbowl the past like 3 days because I was so frustrated with technology. The final project, though, is amazing, in my not so humble opinion.
This has been a tough process and quite frankly a very tough class for me. I never expected a writing class to be such a challenge but the technology aspect kind of threw a curve ball at me. I think that technology allows me to express myself fully as a writer. I think my e portfolio is representative of me as a writer and I think it is the perfect final project for this class!

yay! I am done. done. done. done. with the hardest semester of college!!!! I am going to go celebrate! 🙂

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