Final thoughts on my re-mediation project

I finally finished my re-mediation assignment.  After a long month of dreading the use of new media, I have completed my sports blog and am ready to hand in my third assignment.  I ended up writing a sports blog called “the aftermath” whose goal is to discuss the aftermath of major sports decisions.  Because of the nature of my argument (a defense of LeBron James’ talent after his decision to leave Cleveland for Miami and subsequent vilification by the media) I wanted to give my blog a very targeted angle.  It would be kind of odd if I made a sports blog and every post talked about the repercussions of James’ decision….so I named my blog the aftermath.

In my blog, I make my argument through different posts and comments.  While some posts are lengthy written paragraphs, others are polls or images.  Through my minimal work with new media writing, I have found that there is more than one way to make an argument and to get your point across.  Sometimes, a figure and a quick caption can make the same point as a paragraph.  Or categories on blog posts and work to further emphasize the point made in that post.  This idea that design can make an argument took me a while to figure out–my blog was initially all long blog posts–but now that I figured this out I think it really adds another element to my argument and also makes my blog look more realistic!


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