I made a website!

I guess I will never cease to be amazed when I successfully create a piece of new media. But after 3 days of sitting at home at a card table with my laptop and some sunflower seeds, alternating between website creation, essay writing, and studying for my ridiculous Comparative Developed Democracies exam, everything feels like a miracle. Since this is Day 4 of no makeup, no moving, and no breaks except for meals and The Walking Dead, it is about time I actually managed to finish some stuff.

How I've felt for the past 3 days. (Source: TV.com)

So making a website was actually kind of fun, and despite a couple weird, stubborn things (the side menu refuses to organize itself in anything but alphabetical order, and putting numbers next to things was helping until I got to ten, which the menu thought meant 1 again. So I had to put 9s in front of my last two items in the Remediation project), I was actually pretty successful. I even fulfilled my dream of Cracked-style links at the bottom of most of the pages.

Writing for a website was different because it required so much explanation. I know you all already know what a remediation project is, and why we had a blog for class, but obviously the audience of the Internet doesn’t. This was a pretty good exercise in writing for an audience, well, I guess THE audience.

All of it. Source: http://www.unc.edu/~unclng/Internet_History.htm

So I hope you all had as good of an experience with creating your portfolios as I did.  Here is a link to mine, in case you are interested. You’re all actually on there, or at least those of you who were in the Minor photo.


Have a great Winter Break!



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  1. Hey, Alex. According to your site, I don’t have sufficient privilege to access your site. You need to go to the “more” tab in your website and then click on “sharing and permissions”. You need to change your visibility to either “public on the web” or “anyone with the link”. The private setting is only if you set up another account and give people sign-in information, which is kind of tricky to do. I recommend setting your permissions to “anyone with the link”.

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