Gossip Boy

I knew that writing this would be different than previous papers I have written because of the nature of the prompt. Different in that I am writing about myself and not a piece of literature, and I am writing on a topic without knowing if I really have an answer. So since this was a different type of paper for me, I approached starting it in an entirely new way. I sat down and made a list of everything that came to my mind when I thought about writing, Then I looked at this list and I picked out what I liked about  writing because I figured I probably write because I liked certain things about writing. So after I went through that list, I saw some reoccurring themes. I like to write because:

-I can have my own style and voice

Started writing my list on my iPod in a Jimmy John's booth

-I don’t really have to follow a form

-I am pretty good at it.

Those three things basically covered why I write. This was probably the most fun part about making the rough draft. Usually when I start a draft I dive into writing and just ramble my way through until I hit some high points and realize that I want to focus on those. However, this time I had three targets to aim for while I wrote. Writing about why I write has been immensely fun because I have been able to look at my three themes and just play connect the dots. Starting at one and watching as it ultimately is linked to the next topic. I get to explore why I like those themes and then how that directly translates into my writing. I had a different feeling throughout the writing process and I have been trying to figure out how to put words to the feeling… but I think I finally found the right one: gossip.

I use the word gossip because I feel like I have been gossiping about myself. I know, it sounds totally ridiculous, but I have been writing about things that are funny and interesting to me and I guess there is no real drama that gossip usually thrives on, but I still feel as though the general mindset has been “did you hear why Sal loves to write?” Think about it, writing is very similar to gossip, the topics and the depth may change, but the fundamental characteristics remain unchanged. Not to mention that my writing has changed, much like my own gossip has grown or shifted topics from elementary school to high school and to college. So yes, I will openly admit that this paper is one long gossip session to myself, but I look at it as a positive thing. Although, I may have to start a parallel essay on Why I Gossip.

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  1. Sal, I completely agree with you that this writing assignment has been both challenging and exciting to complete. Like you, I have identified my own personal reasons for writing and begun to “connect the dots” in terms of making said reasons flow and compliment each other in my paper. With this assignment, unlike most other English/Writing/ULWR classes I’ve taken, there is no designated format or prescribed structure; this makes the writing process both exciting and nerve wracking at the very same time as it is up to us as writers to flesh out exactly what we say and how we say it—argumentatively? Informally? The list goes on…

    I also like that you relate the writing of this paper to producing a sort of gossip about yourself. I can see how writing about your own thoughts/opinions/rationale can feel like you’re spreading “gossip” to the likes of your peers/professors. Best of luck with your writing!

    – Joey

  2. Wow. I really can relate to your thought process here. Just as you said, when I began drafting this essay, I knew, almost immediately, that it was going to challenge me in a different way that any of my other previous assignments. Although we both have our respective justifications for why we write, I can see the similarities in our thought processes. I have to add that I absolutely loved your comparison of writing to gossip, because in my opinion, you couldn’t be more correct. The entire piece is a monologue about why you write, but why should anyone care why YOU write? Why does it matter to anyone else? Although it is unfortunate, I believe that our society is extremely driven by gossip, and anytime someone has a chance to listen in, they will. So, as a reader, I have to say the reason I care about why YOU write is because I might find out something about you that I didn’t know before, which I believe is analogous to gossip.

  3. Sal, I agree with Joey & Erin that this is a terrific idea for a post! Also, I really love that you included your brainstorming list as an image–the caption you gave it provided great detail, adding to your “gossip” theme! (Also, now I want Jimmy John’s.) One thing I think might help you as you push forward with this essay–can you draw out the metaphor of gossip (for yourself, not necessarily here) even more? That is, you have that great last paragraph when you talk about how gossip changes as we change, etc…so what IS gossip, ultimately? What are its implications? How does this piece equate to gossip (I imagine, of a good sort, though it could humorously be spun another way if you wanted) for/about you? Thanks for a great thought-provoking post!

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