It’s hard to write.

And I’ve found it’s even harder for me to write about why I write. When I first peered at the topic of this essay, I though to myself “It should be easy to finish a draft of this essay.” After looking at the requires, I felt even more confident that I could write this paper within a matter of hours. I’m pretty sure my overconfidence was misplaced now.

Because we were allowed to chose the format of our essays, I decided to pick one that I’ve grown fond of after taking English 325: Mosaic style writing. It’s where one takes all the elements of an argument and/or story and pieces them together, like in a mosaic. However, there will be breaks in the writing, shown by spaces and it’s not necessarily in chronological order. What I loved about this style of writing is that as you read, you discover more about the thinking pattern of the writer as well. However, I’d forgotten how difficult it was for me to compose a creative essay.

If I had to describe my style of writing, it would have to be somewhere close to that of a lawyer arguing a civil suit and a research pharmacist reporting her new discovery of a new miracle drug. It’s rather formal and stiff. I found that after the first two paragraphs, I was at a loss for what to say. It’s not easy trying to determine the reason I write. I must admit, the easiest answer I can give is that I write because I’m told to, or because I have to. That would not make a very exciting paper though.

This past week, I wrote a few sentences at a time for this essay, then put it away again. I repeated this strategy until I had an entire paper finished–well, er, as finish as a rough draft can be. As it turns, I did find another reason of why I write, and I’m rather happy with it. But it’ll take a lot of revising to make my point get across in my own writing.

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  1. I like how you mentioned the mosaic style of writing. I loved looking at similar styles in my Writing 325 class, and loved how I could piece together different stories to create an essay with one cohesive theme. I also agree that this type of creativity is difficult—non-academic pieces are often the hardest to write.

    I feel like most of us in this class are used to writing just because we’re told to. Rarely do we find time to just sit down and write for the love of writing. However, as you talked about at the end of your post, sometimes you find a love for writing just through doing it, whether you were told to or not. I have this same feeling—I rarely write without being told, but when I do begin to write, I find that it’s pretty enjoyable. Maybe I’ll start writing just for the love of it…I’m getting there.

  2. Re: Its hard to write

    Diana, I am the same way. I find that my motivation for writing is based off the need to do so rather than my actual desire to participate in the grueling process of writing.

    So when I say the need to write, I am referring most to the deadlines set by professors or editors. If I didn’t have a deadline, I wouldn’t have a portfolio. That’s the honest to GOD truth. This assignment though has functioned a bit differently.

    Like you, I pulled from material that I wrote awhile back. I never released it or submitted it for a class assignment, as that was never my intention. I felt lonely and bored one day last year while being abroad and I just started to write down reasons why I take my writing seriously, and why I think the public should too.

    I wonder, if this process might work for you as well–creating an environment where there is no distraction and outside influence to disrupt your natural talent: writing.

  3. Diana, like Stephen & Brittany, I’m SO with you on writing because I’m told to. Even though I have Ph.D. now and get to write about what I love, I still need the deadline/urgency to get me to actually do it. Like Stephen, I hope that I become the kind of person who does it without being told. There is hope for that, especially if once you actually sit down to what you’re “told,” you start to enjoy yourself, right? Clearly this post struck a note with people, and its honesty and working-through quality (when you’re talking about mosaic writing) is really terrific! I’m curious, as a reader, what the mosaic looked like in your first draft…maybe an image of part of the draft would be helpful? Nice work!

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