Let’s try that again

After stumbling through this french thing that is apparently some kind of “analysis/conversation” hybrid called a Precis, I realized how wrong I was in my last blog post. I called out Brandt and bashed her style. While I don’t regret what I said, I realized I was focusing on a petty topic and blinded myself. Talking in groups today I discovered how much I enjoyed the article. There were quotes aplenty that had me tilting my head in wonder and interest.

Tilting my head in wonder and interest

Much like this puppy, I am intrigued by what is happening in front of me. It just so happens that Brandt’s article and my previous response. Brandt had only one topic, but she had many different arguments for her topic, and that was something I said in my last post and I completely agree with myself. She did a great job tackling a very broad and relatively untouched topic.

I just wanted to get that off my chest. I did not feel my last post to be adequate and so I feel better having addressed that, I also hope the picture of the puppy will make amends.

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