New territory! Uh-oh.

When I first visited this blog some time ago, I clicked on some of the posts that the Fall ’11 cohort made at the end of the semester. I went to check out the e-portfolios (now I feel weird saying this because it sounds like I am a silent stalker – maybe it’s just my Facebook paranoia kicking in) and I thought, “Wow, these are so impressive!” Each blog had a different theme going on. Each blog housed a different range of topics. I loved the layouts and, especially, the contents that I saw.

Over time, I forgot that sooner or later, I’d have to start working on my own e-portfolio – until the other day when we were told to take a look at the e-portfolios that the Fall ’11 cohort had produced. This time, while I looked through the blogs again, I couldn’t help but think, “How can I do this?” Cue alarm bells ringing in my head. Not good.

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Suddenly, I started worrying about anything and everything. How do I even make new sections in a WordPress blog? What if I can never make up my mind about which theme or layout to use (I always have this problem)? What if my site comes off looking, and worse yet, sounding, really unprofessional and uninteresting? Ugh, who would want to read it? And this was perhaps my biggest concern: How can I have the guts to post my ugly drafts?

I suppose it’s easy to get into a panicky mode when we’re faced with a new task. So I guess I just have to calm down and trust that I’ll get somewhere, somehow, with guidance from my instructor and peers. I think that, in many ways, starting my e-portfolio will be similar to forcing myself to sit down to write a bad first draft. And if there’s anything that our class readings so far have taught me, it is that it is okay to write bad drafts!

The thought of displaying my rough drafts doesn’t appeal to me very much, honestly, but I do see how it can add value to my work to show my progress. I have not given this much thought before, but, simply looking at the previous cohort’s posts of rough drafts and reflections, I think that the display of works in progress makes me feel more appreciative of the effort that the writer has put into a project. I guess, oddly enough, one of the aspects that I’m most concered about in starting the e-portfolio is also one that I think makes the e-portfolio really special and interesting.

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  1. Crystal,

    I hear ya. This E-Portfolio things is really quite daunting. Along with most of what we do in this class (and in life).

    But the only way to do it, is, well, to do it! The only way to know if you’ll ever find a theme is if you choose a theme and later on realize that it sucks. The only way to know how to make sections in a WordPress blog is to find out (or ask Shelley).

    I like what said about posting a draft. I always want to throw everything away but the final product (even though sometimes I think that the final draft sucks too…). But it might be cool to have self-reflective comments on the E-Portfolio. It could show our progress – more specifically, what we were thinking during the drafting process.

    We’ll figure it out together!


  2. Crystal,

    I totally felt the same way about making our e-portfolios: first, who’s going to ever want to read it, and second, what if it looks really… boring?? But it’s good to know that we have such a great support team in our teacher and classmates when we feel confused, lost, or inadequate.

    Like Andrew said above, sometimes we have really negative feelings about our drafts until we have this (not always) perfect final draft in front of us. However, I am confident that by the end of the semester we’ll all have worked really hard on our e-portfolios and, in the end, have something to be really proud of!

    – Allie

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