Playing Hooky from Responsibility

I just got finished playing “Marry Sex Bury” (to call it by its PG-rated name) with friends.  Fun game, but here’s the thing.  I thought we were supposed to be adults by now.  Earlier in the day after class, I went to the bank and filled out paperwork. Then I paid my rent and signed forms to drive University vehicles.  Then I went to work, cooked dinner, went to a meeting, did homework and … listened to Robyn and played that game.

Granted, we used historical figures like presidents and composers but that makes it a bit more pathetic, really.  I said this just now to my friend, and she just laughed and reminded me, “College is our last chance to act like kids”.  So maybe that pathetic-ness is what I should embrace about being a college student.  After all, we have license to act irrationally and make mistakes.  We’re under large amounts of stress and our immature pre-frontal cortexes can’t handle it.  Though I’m afraid playing M.F.K. is still a bit pathetic, as irrational actions go.

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