Read, Write, Blog… Portfolio?

Up until now, most things we’ve discussed in class and all the reading and writing exercises have seemed familiar to me. Despite my lack of knowledge on how to compose a precis or create an author’s note, these things were easily picked up when we applied them in the classroom/team setting. Even blogging has become almost natural and enjoyable as a pastime.

When I was younger, I’d started a Xanga account with the intention of blogging haphazardly and displaying some art and poems I’d worked on to the public. What I never though of it as was a portfolio of my work, something to update regularly and change over time as my writing style changed.

I’ve perhaps created one portfolio in my entire life, and that was for a leadership board in middle school. Now we have to create an entire portfolio of our writing online. Crap. Here’s to hoping some of my HTML and design experience comes in handy with this seemingly impossible project. I spent part of today trying to customize my WordPress Blog, and all I’ve managed so far is to create a large white text box, and simple image which is hidden underneath it. Methinks I need some more caffeine.

One thought to “Read, Write, Blog… Portfolio?”

  1. I’m jealous that you have some design background. You are already like 10 steps ahead of me. I’m probably going to have to be an office hour pest in order to figure that stuff out.

    And also, I’m like you in the fact that I’ve never created a portfolio before, especially one that is sooo awesome and jazzy and professional like these.

    I’m excited too 🙂

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