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I’m in the process now of writing my first paper in the writing minor, the “Why I Write” essay.  It’s very difficult to do, because I’ve never really put much thought into why I write.  Writing has always just been something I enjoy and something I’ve had some success with.  But is it enough to say that I write because I enjoy it?  Of course not.  What I need to do, obviously, is find out why I enjoy writing so much.  What does writing do for me that  other things don’t do?  What other “things” am I comparing writing to?  Do I use it for communication, for expression, academically, etc?  Is the reason I love to write because of its flexibility?

All of these are questions I suppose I must answer as I write this paper.  But, as difficult as writing a good paper is, knowing why I write might be more of a challenge.

Also, there was a request on my last post to add a link to my brother’s YouTube channel, so here it is:


Here’s a more serious channel my brother owns, where he puts up music he writes and records himself (and a really funny/awesome video and song I helped him with you should all check out)


And, while we’re at it, since my three best friends are all studying abroad this semester, I decided I’d start back up on my personal blog, so here’s the link for that, too, in case anyone is interested (and I assume nobody is):




4 thoughts to “Why I Write Progress”

  1. You started out your essay writing process with questions. That makes sense. In order to understand something, you have to first as questions after questions before answering them yourselves. Sometimes, you might find that by answering your questions, you are creating even more questions. Thus, this process of figuring out why you write, why I write, and why others write is tough.

    Thank you for providing links to your brother’s blog and your own blog. I must admit that I only skimmed briefly through your blog but reading a couple sentences here and there, I like it.

    I’m excited to check out your brother’s youtube channel because I want to create a youtube channel as well one day. I think it’s normal for people who like to write or work with creative medium to consider youtube to express themselves. However, I’m scared of failure and so, to this day, I don’t have my own blog or youtube channel. Perhaps this means that writing and creative expression sometimes needs the approval of an audience.

  2. What I find most compelling about the assignment is the idea that this assignment probes me to be critical of myself, as a writer. This essay really convinces me to be purposeful in my writing, and what catches my attention about both the process of writing and the experience it produces for the reader thereafter. Thus, this essay forces me to call on memory and history, being thoughtful about the intention of my voice. Nevertheless, the process of writing the “Why I Write” Essay is difficult.

    Writing this essay is difficult in that I am writing while coping with a high fever and what my physician calls a “slight flu.” However, I am trying my best to pull through with juicing alot, and resting when I can.

  3. I, too, am having tremendous amounts of trouble with this assignment. I know that in a few months, I’ll be able to look back on this and laugh. But right now, this straight up sucks. I feel like we both know “why” we write (at least on the surface). We enjoy it, it helps us figure things out, and articulating thoughts in a tangible form is useful.

    However, I can’t seem to formulate an entire essay around those ideas. Maybe we’re trying to answer too much with the essay. A focus is necessary.

    My suggestion to you (as it was helpful to me last night), is to write freely for an hour or so. Just go. Write about anything and everything that might be useful for your essay. Then, go back at the end and take out the things that are written and explained well and make an essay about them.

    Go from there. We’ll figure it out. Maybe.

  4. Zach, the questions that you pose in the beginning of your post are GREAT, and just the kind of thinking that can help you to, as Andrew suggests, focus in one what you want to say. The troubleshooting that you’re modeling here (both of you!) is awesome, and I love that you’ve gone back to add things from previous posts. How ’bout embedding the one video (the 2nd one, I think, is to a specific video) rather than just posting the link? Also, I’m glad you’re doing your own blog–looking forward to seeing what you think of Blogger vs. WordPress!

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