Blogging: A Translation of POWER

Since revisiting Sullivan’s blog, my thinking about blogging as changed considerably. I now credit blogging with much more power than I gave it before. In fact, Sullivan has encouraged much more confidence in the influence of blogging, particularly as a self-proclaimed emerging new media journalist.

Blogging differs from other types of writing in that its interactive and is only able to survive with the interaction with someone else.  For the writing that I plan to repurpose for this essay, the fundamentals of blogging is helpful to understand, especially when it comes to engaging my audience in a thoughtful conversation about race, and the challenges that come with its construction.

The genre of my orginal piece that I am working with, and plan to repurpose is a column that I wrote for The Michigan Daily a little over two years ago, titled “My Black Experience At The University.” I plan to repurpose this essay as an open letter to Black undergraduates underclassmen who might be going through similar issues that I was confronted with as an underclassmen. However, I want to purpose this viewpoint for The Michigan Daily  for a wider audience that is not limited to a Black audience.  



Brittany Smith

University of Michigan (first year) senior, Detroit native.

One thought to “Blogging: A Translation of POWER”

  1. Brittany, I read your viewpoint in the Michigan Daily. I’m quite impressed with your ability to publish such a person experience in a public space. I noticed that you wrote that in December of 2009. Have things changed for you? Do you look at the University any differently from when you posted this two and a half years ago?

    You mention in the blog post above that you want to repurpose your blog post as an open letter to upperclassmen Black undergraduates. This sounds like an awesome idea. How will you approach writing this letter? In some ways, do you think you will be writing to yourself?

    I’m really excited to read your final draft. This appears to be a topic that you are passionate about and have a lot of wisdom to share. Good luck!

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