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At first, I didn’t quite latch on to what an E-Portfolio was. At the inaugural Writing Minor meeting, I was a bit confused as to what we put into these portfolios, what we do with them, etc. After perusing a few of my peers’ E-Portfolios, however, I am starting to grasp on to what I am supposed to do. I am also contemplating the benefits of having one going forward.

“I have found a number of rewards in writing despite its exactions. Writing disciplines its practitioners; it forces them to clarify and focus their thinking.” These words are John V. Lindsay’s, Mayor of New York in the ’60s. Although he was full-blown flip-flopper, his commentary on reasons motivating him to become a politician, and what ideas he hoped to

bring to fruition as a public servant, interest me.

I think writing as a way to establish not only to yourself what you want to do but also to any fellow citizens who may be interested is a good way to use the E-Portfolio. As we have discussed in class, writing is valuable because it lets you take a snapshot of the ideas and goals swirling around in your cranium and parse them out physically. The beauty of the E-Portfolio is that others can partake in this process with you. Especially from a politician-standpoint, making available your thought processes and projects to others seems to be an effective way to interact with others and lay the foundation for future interaction. Whether it be getting a small foot hold with the public or displaying your writing to potential employers, the E-Portfolio can serve as a megaphone for your thinking, not only making it louder, but more concise and concrete.

I examined Dana Narens’s E-Portfolio. She provides a welcoming web page for people to get a better idea of who she is and why she is doing what she’s doing. I skimmed through her “Why I Write” materials, which I am currently working on myself. What I found particularly interesting was her inclusion of past writing for different courses. I am proud of some of the works I have produced in the past, and think including them in my E-Portfolio would be beneficial. I think Dana has produced a solid representation of herself and her goals, all by displaying her writing.

Lindsay said writing gives your thoughts structure . I would add that E-Portfolios give your writing influence.

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  1. I thought it was interesting how your thoughts on the e-portfolio turned political; do you perchance want to enter politics? Putting that aside, this post reminded me of how internal and external forces drive people to write. The internal drive is to sort yourself out then the external drive is to show it to others and hopefully gain attention, an audience and appreciation. Ultimately, writing can be a way to represent and ultimately “sell” yourself, which is particularly important if you desire a political, public life or if you desire to use the e-portfolio for your career. Still, part of me can’t help but think this approach to writing is missing something or perhaps more accurately, doesn’t fulfill me . Does Andrew Sullivan write solely because it makes him money and gives him political influence? Does Orwell? Besides, do all politicians write their own speeches? I know we’re in college and as such preparing for careers and aiming for success but is writing for personal growth and making e-portfolios to display that growth as a writer and a person not relevant? I think I’d add self-reflection to one of the reasons why people make portfolios; it puts all your writing into one place, a body of work, so that you can see how far you’ve come.

  2. I reflected on the initial confusion I had towards the e-portfolio when I first heard about it in my blog this week as well. I have a great deal of respect for the members of the first cohort of the minor. They produced their e-portfolios with relatively nothing to help them think about how they were going to engage with this assignment. I can’t imagine how difficult this assignment would be if I didn’t have their e-portfolios to refer to. Without the visual stimulation provided by the members of the first cohort I wouldn’t be confident in my abilities to produce an acceptable e-portfolio.

    I am inclined to agree with your assessment of Dana’s e-portfolio. The time and effort she put into her blog is evident. I liked the fact that she integrated previous assignments into her e-portfolio. I have similar feelings about the writing I’ve done in the earlier stages of my college career as you do. I have every intention of integrating prior works into my e-portfolio in an effort to provide a complete snapshot of who I am as a person and my progression as a writer.

    I am extremely happy members of the fall 2011 cohort produced such compelling e-portfolios. Looking through them has given me the confidence that I think is necessary to produce an e-portfolio I can be proud of.

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