PSA on Self-Reflective Comments

Well, Naomi (and other Sweetland Writing Profs).  You have succeeded in brainwashing me.  Here I am, sitting in the library determinedly writing various papers until my computer runs out of batteries (currently at 9% – I have been here awhile), and I am writing self-reflective comments!  I didn’t even realize what I was doing until I had written a couple and started to rearrange some paragraphs.  And then I realized that I have been using reflective commenting quite a bit lately.  At work, in my internship, when reviewing friends’ papers … and it’s just so handy!

Seriously.  When I look at my life before I knew about reflective commenting (and the “add new comment” function on Word), it’s like those scenes they show in infomercials – you know, black and white, and everyone’s frustrated by the stupidest things.  And now everything’s all technicolor and awesome, like Dorothy’s shoes in The Wizard of Oz.  A bit dumb?  Yeah, but hey.  It’s the small things that make life enjoyable.

Before I used commenting on papers, especially if I had to give feedback on something, I would get mixed results.  If I gave feedback to them in person, they’d be all like, “Uh, wait.  Can you write that down?”.  And if I tried to write it down within the body of the paper or by using track changes, they’d be all like, “Uh, now I have to erase all this crap”.  But seriously, commenting.  Awesome!  (Gotta go, my battery is dead, so that means I can leave!)

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