Why I write

I liked last night, I thought it was interesting.
I’m blanking out on her name (the really nice PhD student) who studies writing, yeah, she was talking about the process of revising huge documents and what a task it is for her. As she was describing her procedure, I was getting some serious Edward Siscorhands vibes.

She talks about how she prints these 50 page documents out and then tapes them to the walls of her apartment so that she can stare at them not on a computer screen. I can totally associate with this, because I too, hate staring at screens. I have to stare at screens from 8am until i go to bed at night, so eventhough its old-fashioned, hard copy is the way to go. Anyways, she cuts paragraphs and arguments and tapes them to other locations of the document, then she puts the revision into the computer and throws it away. This is super interesting, if i have to write a thesis for undergrad or (of course I will have to in a masters program) I should probably try this method.

This seminar defff gave me this awesome, nifty new idea.

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  1. Hi Jen,

    I was personally very impressed with the dedication that Melody had towards her revising process. I like having hard copy to write on, and even one to eventually turn in. I really liked the idea of a children’s novel for your re-purposing draft, good luck!


  2. It is crazy how some people take so much time to revise their papers. It’s the best way to create a piece you can feel satisfied with, but at the same time…wow. The whole hard copy thing is an interesting way of mixing things up, and if I ever have to write something serious, I’m sure that’s how I’ll have to do it. For now, I’ll just stick to the boring old computer screen.

  3. Jen,

    Thank you for being so explicit in detail of the ongoings of the “How I Write” series. While I wasn’t there, hearing your perspective of the event made it more clear of what I missed and how I would have benefitted from being there.

    I am actually writing a thesis right now, and thought that this technique for revising could be useful, though I doubt I would actually incorporate this method in my own revisions. What I find helpful is having a bunch of tabs open on my computer that I can refer to as I write.


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